LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Springtime in the Colorado Rockies

Hello again friends and family,
It's been a quiet winter here at home, enjoying the cold temps and sometimes snow.  I've spent my time knitting an Irish Aran cabled sweater and  wool socks, watching my favorite shows on tv, and living the simple life.   I didn't make a trip to the Southwest this year, and was a good decision.   My neighbor and friend put a used furnace in the unfinished basement, and it was active a couple of months ago to use.  very nice...didn't have to keep the wood stove going all the time. I still use the wood stove though.  Love it's warmth and the way it heats the room.  Paddy and I are content here.  It's getting warmer every week, now in the 50's in daytime and 20-30's at night.   Spring comes very late in the high country.  The aspens maybe have a few buds starting to burst.  Have to get through April to see the real Spring in May.

It'll soon be time to start bringing in firewood for next winter. Have 2 friends that go into the forest to cut and gather free firewood, so I'll have enough.  I almost ran out this winter. Thank goodness for the furnace.  There's trees to be cut down here, too, and hauled up by the house to cut and stack.   good exercise I say.

I had to replace my beloved Nissan Pathfinder in March.  It finally decided to quit, not the best time to buy another car, but with my son's help, found another SUV and drove it home from Denver.   I donated my Pathfinder to Colorado PBS.  pics below of my "new" to me car.

So that's the news for Dragonfly House.  Hope to do some camping this summer.
enjoy your days with friends and family
Diane and Paddy

 My first Aran Irish Fisherman's Wool Sweater!   love it and already started the next one!
 A snowy day this winter
 Interesting clouds one day
 My beloved Pathfinder leaving...a few tears that day...I've had that truck since 2004, when I moved to Colorado.  Many memories for me....
 Here's my new truck, older but a good vehicle.
 My sister Denise visited me for a week in February!  We had a wonderful quiet week.  And didn't go anywhere....
 Paddy in his t-shirt to help him keep warm this winter in the house.
Deer visiting...always enjoy watching them from the house windows.

Enjoy your days!   Big Hugs to all!