LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 2016

Well, Hello again friends and's been too long, I realize it..yes..procrastinating and reading all the other blogs daily that I follow.  How would I ever be able to write every day??  just not enough news from here for that.  My days are the same same, and I love it that way.  why, just this past weekend, I quit wearing the long underwear leggings!  It's finally summer here...finally..highs in the upper 60's to 70's, lows in the 40's with lots of afternoon rain showers...almost daily now.  It's so green here with the aspens leafed out..took 'em long enough!   nice to see green again here.   I love watching the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and hummingbirds.  so many hummers this year..just wowed by them..can stand at the window and watch them for a long time.   There's been a few new birds this Spring. A bright yellow bellied one with brownish feathers on it's back..there's a pair I see once in a while, and this year a pair of Northern Flickers.  wow..such grand beautiful birds.   Of course always Stellar Jays, chickadees, red-headed woodpeckers.   Last week, I spotted my first bobcat walking through the property!   I still haven't seen any fox, but that doesn't mean they aren't here.   no bears yet, but I did put up bear proofing on the tree by the deck.  I got the idea from watching the Alaska shows on TV. :)  pound nails into boards all the way through, and hang them on the trees so the pointed nails are sticking out. 

Some new pictures below.

A mid -May snow storm, what a surprise!

A Springtime pic in May of Casita. Aspens not leafed yet.  I think it was a tease of summer to come day.

Resident "Lucky" squirrel

A Spring time front blowing across the valley

More Winter pics, or could be the May snow storm

New bird with yellow belly; the male I think.

Porch sitting 101
Sometimes a big cloud comes up with heavy rains..this one first week of June.

Paddy in his favorite spot.
A new look to the living dining room for warm weather
Bear proofed tree

Red-headed woodpecker trying to drink like a hummer.

And then there was the on-going knitting!  I absolutely love knitting, and can spend hours doing it.   Mostly socks, but occasionally I might make a sweater.       enjoy....someday, you, too, might get a pair.  :)

fingerless mittens:

knitting 2 socks "at once" using leftover sock yarn

fingerless mittens

Heavy socks using worsted weight yarn instead of sock weight.  Very warm!

some very nice sock yarn I got for Christmas..loved making these.  :)

I may have missed some of the knitting pics. I try to take a picture of each project as it's finished.   Presently there's 2 pairs of socks going on my needles today.  

So that's the news from here at my cabin in the woods.  Have a wonderful summer wherever you are.

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  1. Love the pictures of all the socks. I'm just learning to make socks, starting out with worsted weight. I think it's something I might wear in the winter while I'm sitting around knitting ;-)