LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, April 1, 2016

Winter 2016 into Spring

Hello again to my family and friends.
This post is a pictoral of my trip to the Southwest this past February and March.  I left a few days early the end of January in my Casita camper, because there was a big snowstorm on the way, where Colorado got a huge amount of snow. I would not have gotten out if I'd waited.  Thankfully, I got my camper out of the driveway after cleaning off a foot of snow that was on top of it, loaded it up, and left.  After an overnight at Alicia and Satori's house, I headed to Albuquerque, where I stayed overnight at the San Felipe Casino, where they have electric hookups for campers.  It was a cold night there, in the high 30's I think, but Paddy and I were warm inside with the heater on, and in my sleeping bag, with blankets over top.  

We left the next morning headed to Payson, AZ, where we stayed with Diane and Jan Mason.   It was nice place to stay before Diane and I headed to Quartzsite, AZ, for the Fiberglass Camper Rally.  

Diane did some needed and some nice work on my camper.   The plug where it hooked into my car needed the brake wire reattached in it, and she made it much better and also fixed the plug assembly so it was more secure on my car.  She made some nice mods inside my camper, too.  Plus she worked on my camper at Quartzsite, replacing the hot water cut off valve and the pressure valve on the outside of the water heater.  Bruce and her even worked on my refrigerator that wasn't cooling. It worked ok for a few days, then would stop cooling.  

We watched the Super Bowl the day before we left for Quartzsite.  I had to see the Denver Broncos play and win the Super Bowl!  what a great game...   I appreciate Diane and Jan's hospitality, in letting me stay there, since I had to leave home earlier than I'd planned.  Both Diane, and also Konrad and Lynn from Camp Verde, AZ, were all generous in letting me park at their homes, for a nice visit.  

Quartzsite was fun like always, staying there a week in the desert, shopping at the vendors in town, and just hanging out with my winter friends.  I see some of them only once a year at Quartzsite.  There were over 180 trailers there, I think, this year.  More come every year, and were so spread out this year, I didn't get a chance to meet some of the new people that came.  

From Quartzsite, I traveled to Indio, CA, where I visited my Mom and Dad.  I parked my camper in the gravel parking lot, just outside the RV Resort where they live.  Paddy and I stayed in the camper at night.  We had a good time with Mom and Dad, and were there 2 weeks.   

We drove back to Camp Verde, AZ, where we stayed parked in Konrad and Lynn's place for a few nights.  I was watching the weather in Denver, to get back when there wasn't any snow storms.  Plus, my car was having issues with oil leaking, and some heating issues.  I took it to my car repair in Denver when I got back as far as my son's home in south metro Denver, where it was repaired over 2 days.   Then I drove home, getting home in time before it snowed again!  I got the trailer unloaded and winterized quickly.  whew!  I was a tired lady for a week or so!  It was a great trip, and I was wishing we were back in the warm desert.   

It's starting to feel like Spring here finally....the aspens are budding and the snow is melting.  It's going to be in the 40's and 50's here by next week. yay!   That feels warm to me, when it still is getting into the teens at night.    

The pictures are labeled below.   Enjoy....I sure enjoyed my winter travels this year.

Sunset at home late January

Living room window

Dragonfly ready to hook up and leave

Paddy's favorite spot

We are on our way out!

See you when we get back my house!

overnight in Albuquerque

Diane making a new shelf for my camper

Apple pie I made at Diane and Jan's. Ice cream of course to go with it.  

On the road to Quartzsite following Diane's Casita


Making pizza in the dutch oven

Our campsite

The 3 Diane's with Dome Rock behind us

This is Baby, my friend Renee's dog.  I wanted to take him home!  so cute.....

Renee's dog Chunky

Renee and I listening to a ukulele concert

The AZ sunsets are spectacular!

Indio, CA

Gathering in Indio for friend's birthday breakfast.  Mom is 4th from the left.

My Mom making her famous cinnamon rolls

Evelyn Richardson, my Mother

Mom and Dad (William Richardson) came out to my camper to visit. :)

Dad and I.  You can see their resort in the background.

Jan across the street had a hummingbird nest.

Paddy playing with the  new toy Mom gave him.  In the camper.

Mom treated me to a luncheon at the casino with a few of her friends.  It was very nice...

Mom and Dad. taken in their resort. Isn't it beautiful there?  

I had to have date shake at Shield's Date place in Indio. good....and I brought dates home to share.

Sunset taken from Mom and Dad's place.  

Taken the day I left Indio.  It was a fun time with my Mom and Dad.  

Wildflowers along the road traveling to Camp Verde, AZ.

Konrad and Lynn, sharing one of Lynn's gourmet meals.
We had artichokes from Indio!

Konrad put strap buttons on my ukulele.  nice!

Lynn's fruit tree in bloom.

Lynn has a new greenhouse

Enjoying listening to Konrad play his ukulele

Paddy and I in the kitchen

Agave plant

We drove up to Jerome, AZ, and had dinner. Jerome is an old mining town that sits above the valley.

Lynn and I

back in Colorado parked at David and Holly's place while my car is in the shop. of course it snowed!

Paddy lounging on the sofa at home
Good trip
Next year maybe we will stay gone longer from the cold weather at home.

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  1. It was great to see you again. Looking forward to the next time.