LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Winter in Colorado

This post will be an update to keep my followers happy.  Yes, I've been lax in know how very busy I can be. LOL   I keep busy everyday keeping the wood stove going, knitting on socks projects, cooking good food, and enjoying my television and computer.
The holidays were very nice spent with my 3 children, my DIL, and my grand-daughter.  The weather cooperated at Christmas (barely), and we were able to get together for the day.  
It's been a very cold winter here, with snow on the ground since early December.  It doesn't melt very fast or at all, when the temps don't get above 20 most days.  I am ready for warmer temps and the dang snow to melt!  Of course there's a long time yet for winter here where I live.  
There's been a herd of 9 or so deer that visit often, mostly every other day. They look for food under the snow.  There's deer tracks all over in the snow.
I have enjoyed watching NFL football this year, and am really enjoying the playoffs lately.  GO Broncos!  Will see what happens today when they play Pittsburg Steelers this afternoon.
Knitting takes most of my free leisure time, and have made many pairs of socks this winter, and most of them are gifts for others.  I really enjoy making them.
Some pictures since the last post:

One of many days of never-ending snow on the ground.  brrrr!

Paddy napping on the sofa.

my tiny kitchen

Satori playing my ukulele. :)  I think she might need one.  

Steve and his guitar at Christmas playing and singing.

Satori with Peach, Paddy, and Chibi

Our stockings at Alicia and Satori's house.

Alicia and Chibi

Christmas cactus in my window

some knitting stitch holders I made

Lots of pretty sunsets from my windows

My cozy sitting area where all knitting takes place.

Satori and violin at her winter concert.