LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Autumn is here 2015

I know, I know...some of you have reminded me I haven't posted here.  It's been a busy summer for me this year.  Lot's of trips, company at my house, and many camping trips this year with friends and family.  Fun summer!   And now it's October already, and am thinking about Winter 2016.   I've started prepping here for winter, getting firewood ordered and delivered, cleaning off the deck of summer furniture, winterizing the camper, and working downstairs in the unfinished "basement", making it neater and more organized.  
Now to go back to where I left off from the last post June 7.  wow  

Paddy and I entertained and dog sit Alicia and Satori's 2 dogs, Peach and Chibi, while they were on a rafting trip in June.   We all had a great time!  3 dogs with me in bed  LOL..there was a couple of nights with no sleep for me until I figured out how to sleep with all 3.  :)  

July 9 marked one year since I moved in.  what a year!    loved most all of it...ha...even the winter days.
Mom, Dad, my sister Denise, and my nephew Andrew came to visit for a week the middle of July.  

Mom and I

Fishing at the pond. Dad and Denise

Denise on the deck

Andrew and Paddy



Satori and I

group pic with my cousins from Colorado Springs

I went camping with my son David and DIL Holly the weekend after my guests left. We camped only 4 miles from my house in Lost Park Wilderness in a fantastic campsite with beautiful views.   We stayed 3 nights.   

We went on a back country road.

Wildflowers were at their peak.

Holly and Rogue. Sorry, David, no pics of you!

David & Holly's new camper

August brought around the annual Drunken Noodle 9 camping trip.  There was around 30 that attended this year, and we had no rain! only a few sprinkles. no rain!   best ever....

I won the costume contest. :)

David & Holly's and my campers on the savanna....

Hammock camping!


Steve and Preston chess match

kids by the lean-to shelter I made with Alicia and Satori


We left this there..hope noone tore it down.


Moi campsite.  best ever. 

Nate, cute boy.

Disc golf

Afternoon poker game.

Yes, they used sunflower seeds for money. lol

The last week of August I went on an Alaskan Cruise for 7 nights, Seattle, Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway, Alaska, and back, with Mom & Dad, my sister Denise, and sister Pam.  It was a fantastic and memory-making week on Princess Cruise line on Ruby Princess ship.  Alaska was on my bucket list, so I checked it off.  Now I want to go back to Alaska and spend more time.  

Juneau, Alaska

Ketchikan, Alaska


Skagway, Alaska

Mendenhall Glacier Tour

Skagway, Alaska

Mom & Dad's 65th Wedding Anniversary

At sea

at sea....

William and Evelyn Richardson


Mom & Pam

September came around quick and I went to a Casita Solo/Singles Rally in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, for a week.   

Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado

Rio Blanca RV Park, Pagosa Springs, CO

Top of Wolf Creek Pass, CO

Pagosa Springs Hot Springs

Paddy and Diane Mason

Lynn and Konrad

Lunch at The Rose in Pagosa Springs

Diane Mason and telescope. We saw galaxies and planets and stars from afar!   Even Saturn with it's rings.  wow....

Wolf at Wild Animal Park, Pagosa Springs, CO

We had Happy Hour and Pot Lucks

Diane and Jeff at The Rose Cafe

Also in September, I joined my sister Denise and her family on a trip to Chalk Creek area near Buena Vista, CO

Andrew & Denise

We rode the train tour at Leadville, CO, up to Fremont Pass and back.

Denise and Brandon


Chalk Lake, CO

St Elmo, CO

Mt Princeton Hot Springs, Nathrop, CO

Bunny Lane Cabins, Nathrop, CO

Old Water Tower on Leadville train tour.

So that brings it full circle to now.   The aspens have dropped all their leaves here, and the temps are sitting in mid-30's at night, and upper 60's daytime.   It's time to get ready for winter here.

until next time.....   


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