LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Springtime at last

Hello again,
At last winter left and spring/summer is here.  I had snow in the middle of May, quite a lot actually, the electric was off all day on May 19.  The heavy snow broke trees so caused the power outage.   Aspens are in full greenery now.  A long winter, and now I'm enjoying the nice sunny days with some days having a rain shower or two, or three. :)
The hummingbirds are back and also the chipmunks; all feeding at my feeders hung on the pine tree by the deck.  I enjoy watching them, and so does Paddy.   There's been a few deer wander through, eating the leaves on the aspens.  They are ever curious when they see or hear us up here, then run off.
I've been reading all the camping posts online of the Casita camper forums, and a new travel trailer facebook page lately.  It has made me want to get my camper ready, and so I've been out there doing some things and re-organizing it.  So far I have 3 trips planned, and hope to have more, maybe even just a weekend near here with Paddy.   Even "camping" in the driveway would be nice.   The view from the camper windows is almost like being in the forest.
I made a trip to visit my parents and my two sisters and their families in May, and some of them are coming to visit me in July.  I'm looking forward to company.
some pictures:

Deer with fuzzy horns eating aspen

Hungry Hummingbird

rain clouds

knitted socks

a drive through the Flint Hills in Kansas

Paddy with wild hair

Squirrel enjoying a drink


  1. Hope to see you at the Rocky Mtn. rendezvous.

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  3. Okay get this right this time. Diane, with our "warm" spring temps, am sending you our summer temps we are having. I do like to share. . . . .