LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring is Coming

Hello readers!   Yes, Spring is on the way here in the mountains of Colorado.  April brings warmer daytime temps in the 50's, but nights are still cold here.   May will be the real Spring arrival here.  I am ready to be able to open the windows and let the fresh air in again.   Most of the windows in my house are lined with clear insulation film, to keep the cold out this winter..and it worked.  The aspens are budding again, and the ground squirrels and chipmunks are out of hibernation.   There's been word of mountain lions in this area again.    I am careful when I take Paddy outside, always on a leash and me not far behind him.    Today it's very windy here, making it feel cold outside, so I have a fire in the wood stove today to take the chill off in here.  
I did my winter trip to Arizona again in February, to attend the Fiberglass camper rally at Quartzsite, AZ.   There were over 100 campers there this year, and my cousin Jan, pulled her Casita to it this year.  We had so much fun!!!   Now she is hooked, too.   My many Q friends were there again from all over the country.   fun
My 1st winter here at this house was good and sometimes challenging.   The firewood that was stacked under the deck proved to be not enough to last out the winter, so I bought a cord of aspen from a local firewood provider.  It burns longer in the stove and the pieces were much bigger that what was here.   I was really tired of carrying wood up from under the deck all winter!   Now it's on my deck just outside the door.  :)
Knitting and reading books this winter filled my relaxing in my cabin.   I made a "to do" list everyday, and continue it now, too, of chores to complete everyday.  There's still much to do here to make it better for me.   The upstairs loft is a project I want to complete this summer.   Removing some of the furniture up there, to make a crafting/sewing area and another place to sit and relax.  Plus it's much warmer up there in the winter.  :)  There's projects to do outside, too, this summer.   Fixing the berm at the top of the driveway where it's washed out, cutting wood for next winter, and of course going camping!   
Here's some pictures.enjoy until the next time I post.

At Home

Jan and I in Blythe, CA, having lunch with Jan and Carol.

 Life is Good!