LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Happy New Year to my family and friends

Hello you believe it?!  2014 is in the past, and what a year it was.  So many good things and events happened in my life.  I bought a house in July!   That was the biggest thing for me.  I am enjoying it so much...even with all the snow now.  The aspens all dropped their leaves, leaving a view through the trees unlike no other.   The far away mountain range to the west is covered with snow.  Snow everywhere here since November I believe....when will it all melt?  who knows?   Next week it's supposed to get into the 40's here.  woohoo.  It's been bitter cold with below zero temps for a couple of weeks, and highs in the teens.     It was 24 today. :)    I got outside, as I always do, to shovel snow, bring in fire wood for the day/night, feed the birds that I enjoy watching everyday from my view out the window.  Paddy enjoys watching, too.  Sometimes a squirrel or two get up there, and that makes him go crazy. 

Today I took down all the Christmas lights and decorations.  It was beautiful in here with many strings of Christmas lights in all the windows, and my little tree up high near the loft.

 I had my son, Steve, visiting from Christmas to New Years Day.   Alicia, my daughter, Satori, and Wade came to spend the night Christmas Day.   We had fun playing cards and board games.   Satori stayed a few more days, and my, did we three play so many games!   fun.   It was a nice holiday.   David and Holly couldn't make it this year, with the bad weather and roads.   It will be nice to see them again sometime soon, afterall, I still have their gifts! 

Paddy and I are snuggled into the recliner, watching Kansas State play in the Valero Bowl in San Antonio tonight.  so far...Kansas State is behind.   The wood stove is humming a warm sound, keeping us warm.  

Taken on my drive to Denver the other day.

The driveway plowed the other day after the snow.


 This was taken on a day I was cooking ham and beans on the wood stove.  Awesome stove!

Paddy's nemesis.  :)

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