LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fall at the Cabin and visits to Kansas

Hello friends and family.   It's time to write something.  I haven't been THAT busy.  Easy to put off writing.  I've been gone for 6 weeks in two 3 week stints.   Spent time with my Kansas family both trips.  I just got home on Sunday from the last trip.  Thank goodness for a nice neighbor who took care of my house while I was gone, since it was really really cold.  It's good to be home.  Back to the wood stove it..and the slow lifestyle I love.  I make a to do list everyday of chores, and after completing them I can do anything I want. OF course I can do anything I want anytime!  lol   I enjoy reading my friends blogs once in a while, too, to keep up with my Casita friends, some of who are full-time RV'ers.  
Some pics from this Fall to share:

This last pic was taken this summer when all the leaves were on the trees.  My "new" camper sitting out there thinking about going to Arizona again.

The following pics were taken at my Mom and Dad's house in September of her flowers.  Beautiful this year.

 This shawl stuck in between the flower pics is one my Dad makes on his loom.  He sells them if anyone is interested. They make a nice gift, too.

Thanks for looking!  more to come..sooner than before.  promise