LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Here it is August 2014 already

Hello everyone!   been busy!   I'm now living in a log cabin in the mountains and LOVE it LOVE it.   Finally am getting settled in more. There's still so much to go through, but I have everything I need unpacked.
The move went well, thankyou to Cowboy Movers of Denver.  It was a sea of boxes everywhere in here.   And 3 days later, my parents William and Evelyn Richardson, my sister Denise and he son Andrew from Manhattan, Kansas, came to visit for a week!   Then 3 days after that was my yearly camping trip to Lost Park Wilderness!  At lease I was only 20 miles from my house to the campsite.  fun 5 days, then home.    ok ok...I know I've been lax on blogging, but now that I'm home and no trips planned can I write again.
This post won't be too long, but I want to share some pictures of my house.   It's a one bedroom with a big loft that is over half the size of the downstairs area.  I have 2 queen beds and a single bed, so is easy to have guests, if you want to visit me.
It rains everyday now in the afternoon and evenings, sometimes with thunder and lightning!   I've lit the wood stove a few mornings to take the chill off.  Days are between 60's and 70's and nights are lows of 40's.  perfect.  

I need to take more pics of the inside.   Next post there'll be more pics to share.
The last pic is of the bird feeder that hangs by the deck with the fattest chipmunk I've ever seen!      I see Stellar's Jays, chipmunks, hummingbirds, and other birds all the time, and yes I put out bird seed and cracked corn.  
until next time......

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  1. How great this is. What a great hideaway and yet so close to what you love.