LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, July 4, 2014

Journey to my house in the mountains coming soon

Hello friends and days of living in Lakewood, a suburb of Denver are almost to an end.  I close on my house on Tuesday afternoon and will be moving in on Wednesday.  I am so excited to be leaving the city again, to live in the mountains in my log cabin style home.  I've done most of the packing over the past few weeks, and this move has been the hardest of them all.  I don't know why, but I'm getting older and old Arthur claims my muscles every morning until my meds kick in, and I don't have the stamina like I used to.  I have movers hired to do all the loading and unloading, and have most of my stuff labeled as to what goes into the house and what goes under the house in the storage area.  I've tried to downsize, but there's still a lot I don't need.   I plan to put some on sale on the internet, but there's no hurry now.   

Buying this house was an experience in faith, patience, and trust in the people helping me along the way.  It's all fallen into place this past week!   The inspections caused the most stress...trying to get them done on time, when there was issues that prevented that happening.  Everything was done on time, despite extensions to the contract to get it all done.  whew!   

I am thankful to say my parents, sister, and nephew are coming to visit the weekend after I move say they are going to help me, and anything they do is most appreciated!  I can't wait for them to come visit!   My usual plan is get the bed made 1st, then get the kitchen set up so I can eat.  All the rest is gravy, so to speak.    It's much cooler up there at 9500ish elevation...sometimes 20 degrees cooler than down here on the front range of the Colorado Rockies, and I welcome the change.  I'd much rather have it cool than hot.  I can always make a fire in the wood stove to take the chill off. There is so much firewood already cut, stacked, and ready to be brought into the house this winter.  So thankful to the previous owners for that.    Summers are short in the mountains...and by September, it will be much colder...hopefully with sunny warm days to start the Fall season.   

Satori came to visit last week, for 5 nights, and I so enjoyed having her here with me.  She's so sweet and considerate to everyone.  She liked to swim in the pool here at the apartment complex. I went out and sat while she swam...the water was too cold for this Grandma.  :) 

I gave my Paddy dog a haircut today, with Alicia's dog clippers.  This is the 3rd time I've groomed him, and it's getting easier.  I can get his back and sides clipped good, but his legs and head need some "fine-tuning" to say the least, but he looks better.

As soon as I get moved in and my company leaves, I need to get ready for the yearly "Noodle" campout of my family and lots of friends, and this year, it's close to where my house is.   My camper is parked at Alicia's house, so I'll move it to my house that week, too.  I have a 16' Casita Spirit Deluxe now...and am excited to go camping in it!   There's so much more room.  Maybe Satori will sleep in it with me. I'd like that.  

Here she is...I'll call her Dragonfly like my old one, but this one doesn't have any decals on it.  I kinda like it plain.

This is my new house!  Isn't it wonderful?!  2 acres of aspens and pines surrounding it, with a view of the peaks to the west and a view of peaks to the north.  I'll be writing more here after I settle in, with more pictures of course.
I'd love for some of my Casita friends to come visit me...we could have a mini-rally or go camping in the mountains that surround this area. 
So I'll cut this post short for now.  More to follow soon!
take care everyone


  1. Okay, got you on my list to ask. Can see why you are in love with the place. I know what you mean about getting all of this together and how much harder it is. This move here to TorC was the hardest - physically and mentally I have done. The reward at the end is the clincher.

  2. I know you are one HAPPY CAMPER to be getting the purchase behind you. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your new home. Better be careful what you wish for. You never know who may show up at your door with a beautiful location such as yours.:-)