LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer is here and going fast

Hello friends and family....I've been here, but not blogging the past 2 months.  I read my friend's blogs almost everyday, and enjoy reading about their travels.  EggRollings , RVsue , Jons Journeys .  These blogs remind me of when I was traveling full time in my Casita.  :) 
Today I de-winterized my "new to me" Casita Spirit Deluxe 16 ft, that I bought this winter while on my SW travels for 2 months.  It was full of RV antifreeze!   I usually blow out the lines to winterize, but got it done today with a lot flushing and more flushing of the lines.  She's ready for camping this summer!   I know of one trip I'm going on, but this summer has been designated my house-hunting summer.  I have found a mountain house and am in the middle of the process to buy it.  wow..I haven't bought a home for a long time...forgot all the steps to complete it. I have a wonderful buyer's agent, and he is taking the stress out of it for me.  I am going to wait to show you the house until after it closes.'ll just have to wait.  It's beautiful on 2 acres surrounded by aspens and pine trees, with mountain views.  I love it.
So here at my apartment, I'm packing and purging this month.  I actually found more stuff to donate to Goodwill.   I've found I don't need all the clothes and stuff I've been holding onto for years and years.   Have to save the "treasures" though.  :)
I did go on a trip to visit my family in Kansas in May, and went to my 45th High School Reunion.....oh my...every 5 years we get together, and every 5 years, I get to see all the "old and grey" classmates.  ha    I've aged gracefully I think.   LOL   
let's see if I can find a few pictures to share....

I finished knitting this sweater for me this winter.  It'll be warm and cozy for next winter in the mountains. 

 This is Satori's sweater I knit for her this winter.   It fits just like she wanted it, and looks like she'll be able to wear it for many years.  :)

Satori, my beautiful grand-daughter, and my dog Paddy when she visited me this spring.  She is almost 11 years old and has the best manners and attitude.  I am a proud Grandma.

I've done some baking...not as much as I used to.  Who's going to eat it?  me?   I give away most of what I bake.  
Here's some cinnamon rolls and bierocks I made...they were yummie. 

Just like my Momma taught me!  And she is still baking and cooking like when I was a kid.

Satori was in a play this spring at her school...she was Jessie, a character from Toy Story.  

And listen to this!   Her volleyball team went all the way to the state tournament and WON!   They were undefeated the whole should of been there....everyone was crying and jumping up and down.  It was a close game and they won in the final 2 pts (I think).  :)    Great job Satori!!!     You are such a grand athlete.    I am so proud of you. 

Well this wasn't so hard writing this post....I'll try and get more written!    And after I move to the'll be another new chapter and path in my life, and you sure will hear about it. 

take care my friends and family.    You haven't heard the last of it.

PS:  I am trying to figure out how to change the picture of me and Paddy at the top of this blog.  help please from you experienced bloggers.   My pic is so outdated!

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