LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Thursday, April 10, 2014

not much to blog about

Jerry at EggRollings,, said it, and I agree.  There's not much to blog about since I moved into this apartment in the city.  Day to day events are much the same everyday; no pictures taken except ones of my grand-daughter.  She came to visit me last week for her spring break. We had a good time..mostly doing nothing and she liked it that way.  She understands what "me time" is, and relishes it when she can.    Satori is in volleyball now, and I plan to attend her volleyball match this weekend.  I get to see her Mom Alicia, too.  The highlight of my life is seeing my children.

I do have good news.  My application for a mortgage to buy a home in the mountains is almost complete, so in a couple of weeks I hope to go see some properties for sale.  My goal is to close in June to move in late June or early July, before the lease ends here.  I look at houses everyday online that are for sale.  There has been a few that I really like, then find them under I am patiently waiting for my time to go look for real.

My day starts with making a pot of coffee, take Paddy out for a walk, and watch The Today Show, which I record, so I can see all of it.  I make trips to the library pretty often, since I like to read, and sometimes I find a recent movie.  As you know, I love watching TV, netflix, and movies.  I have my favorite shows, and I don't feel guilty in any way for watching so much.  It fills my time while I knit on a project.  I finished the sweater for me, and it turned out nice.  Then I started a purple sweater for Satori and have it about half done.  Of course I'm online all day,'s my way of keeping in touch with all my friends and family that I can't see very often.  Mostly lurking!   If I see something on TV, I go to the internet to learn more about it....learning new things about anything for me keeps my mind active and thinking positive thoughts.   I have a compassion for everyone in my life and the lives I hear about.

When I move to my home, my own home! :), I will have more to blog about.  I haven't owned a home since before I moved to Colorado from Kansas almost 11 years ago, when I owned a historical victorian home with my late husband.   My home will be a home where I can bring out my artistic side again...beading, knitting, painting, and other crafts that come up.   Decorating and making it my "me time" place will be healing and a look to my future. I can't wait.

I'll close this with a pic of Satori and Paddy, when she was here for Spring Break.  Love her so much!

Life is Good!