LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, February 28, 2014

Time flies

Hello friends....It's about time I wrote in here again.  Since last year's trek in my camper, I've been living in an apartment in the Denver area, and all the time, I'm longing to escape from the city.  It's going to happen this summer one way or another.   Since my last post, I had the usual December with family at Christmas, January I went on a trip with my camper to the Southwest US again like last year, and February I returned home.
I spend my days at home watching a lot of TV, knitting, online, and reading.  I miss my Casita friends since coming home from the Quartzsite Rally in February, and I long to be out there with the full-timers, but that life style didn't suit me's a lonely way to live.  Maybe if I traveled between rallies and festivals I might consider it again, but I'll have a home base to come home to next time.
January I went on a cruise with my Mom, Dad, my two sisters, Denise and Pam, to Mexico from LA. We had such a great time together!  Then I stayed in my camper near Mom and Dad's place in Indio, CA, before I traveled to Arizona for 2 weeks before coming home.  The most exciting part of my trip is I sold my little 13 ft Casita and bought a 16 ft Casita on my trip.   It was meant to be.  I love my "new" one with so much more room and everything works.  My little camper was starting to have issues. 
I love the Arizona desert and love my friends I meet up with there.  Coming home to winter was hard, but I settled in within a couple of weeks. 
I have been knitting quite a bit this winter, making many dish cloths to give for Christmas gifts, and now a sweater in the works for me. 
Here's some pictures from December, January, and February.  til next time.... enjoy.
taken from my apartment towards the mountains

Alicia and I at her birthday dinner.
Satori and Alicia

Stopped in southern Colorado on way south. Snow on top of the camper! It eventually all blew off as I drove into New Mexico.

Me, Pam and Denise by the pool where Mom and Dad live in the winter.

Great picture of Mom

My "new" 2005 Casita Spirit Deluxe.

Departing LA. We had adjoining balconies.  Nice!

We walked every deck!
 Dad, too!

Mom and Dad with us at our evening meal.  Great food!  fun!

Ship photo at dinner.  

My dream...a day at sea....

Californian Sunsets so beautiful

At Dome Rock, AZ for camper rally.  Love my new camper!

Cholla cactus

See how Big it is!?  That's the solar panel in front.

Arizona sunsets are beautiful as California

Sunrise out my window

We're home!  She's parked at Alicia's house this winter.  I think she's in shock from her move from California to Colorado.  :)
What a great Winter so far!  Now where is Spring?
Life is Good


  1. Ah, glad to hear you haven't just been idle knitting all the time. And now you have a 16 footer - I love mine, think I would get lost in a 17 footer! Hope you do get out later on - what I am hoping to do, although my new abode area in southern New Mexico is helping with taming the travel itch.

  2. Appears you have had a busy Winter season. Time spent with family is always good. Sorry we missed seeing you at Q, but circumstances got in the way. I know you love that 16 footer. Probably feels as if it's twice a big as your old one. Are you going to be adding any dragonfly's?