LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Fall at the Cabin and visits to Kansas

Hello friends and family.   It's time to write something.  I haven't been THAT busy.  Easy to put off writing.  I've been gone for 6 weeks in two 3 week stints.   Spent time with my Kansas family both trips.  I just got home on Sunday from the last trip.  Thank goodness for a nice neighbor who took care of my house while I was gone, since it was really really cold.  It's good to be home.  Back to the wood stove it..and the slow lifestyle I love.  I make a to do list everyday of chores, and after completing them I can do anything I want. OF course I can do anything I want anytime!  lol   I enjoy reading my friends blogs once in a while, too, to keep up with my Casita friends, some of who are full-time RV'ers.  
Some pics from this Fall to share:

This last pic was taken this summer when all the leaves were on the trees.  My "new" camper sitting out there thinking about going to Arizona again.

The following pics were taken at my Mom and Dad's house in September of her flowers.  Beautiful this year.

 This shawl stuck in between the flower pics is one my Dad makes on his loom.  He sells them if anyone is interested. They make a nice gift, too.

Thanks for looking!  more to come..sooner than before.  promise

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Here it is August 2014 already

Hello everyone!   been busy!   I'm now living in a log cabin in the mountains and LOVE it LOVE it.   Finally am getting settled in more. There's still so much to go through, but I have everything I need unpacked.
The move went well, thankyou to Cowboy Movers of Denver.  It was a sea of boxes everywhere in here.   And 3 days later, my parents William and Evelyn Richardson, my sister Denise and he son Andrew from Manhattan, Kansas, came to visit for a week!   Then 3 days after that was my yearly camping trip to Lost Park Wilderness!  At lease I was only 20 miles from my house to the campsite.  fun 5 days, then home.    ok ok...I know I've been lax on blogging, but now that I'm home and no trips planned can I write again.
This post won't be too long, but I want to share some pictures of my house.   It's a one bedroom with a big loft that is over half the size of the downstairs area.  I have 2 queen beds and a single bed, so is easy to have guests, if you want to visit me.
It rains everyday now in the afternoon and evenings, sometimes with thunder and lightning!   I've lit the wood stove a few mornings to take the chill off.  Days are between 60's and 70's and nights are lows of 40's.  perfect.  

I need to take more pics of the inside.   Next post there'll be more pics to share.
The last pic is of the bird feeder that hangs by the deck with the fattest chipmunk I've ever seen!      I see Stellar's Jays, chipmunks, hummingbirds, and other birds all the time, and yes I put out bird seed and cracked corn.  
until next time......

Friday, July 4, 2014

Journey to my house in the mountains coming soon

Hello friends and days of living in Lakewood, a suburb of Denver are almost to an end.  I close on my house on Tuesday afternoon and will be moving in on Wednesday.  I am so excited to be leaving the city again, to live in the mountains in my log cabin style home.  I've done most of the packing over the past few weeks, and this move has been the hardest of them all.  I don't know why, but I'm getting older and old Arthur claims my muscles every morning until my meds kick in, and I don't have the stamina like I used to.  I have movers hired to do all the loading and unloading, and have most of my stuff labeled as to what goes into the house and what goes under the house in the storage area.  I've tried to downsize, but there's still a lot I don't need.   I plan to put some on sale on the internet, but there's no hurry now.   

Buying this house was an experience in faith, patience, and trust in the people helping me along the way.  It's all fallen into place this past week!   The inspections caused the most stress...trying to get them done on time, when there was issues that prevented that happening.  Everything was done on time, despite extensions to the contract to get it all done.  whew!   

I am thankful to say my parents, sister, and nephew are coming to visit the weekend after I move say they are going to help me, and anything they do is most appreciated!  I can't wait for them to come visit!   My usual plan is get the bed made 1st, then get the kitchen set up so I can eat.  All the rest is gravy, so to speak.    It's much cooler up there at 9500ish elevation...sometimes 20 degrees cooler than down here on the front range of the Colorado Rockies, and I welcome the change.  I'd much rather have it cool than hot.  I can always make a fire in the wood stove to take the chill off. There is so much firewood already cut, stacked, and ready to be brought into the house this winter.  So thankful to the previous owners for that.    Summers are short in the mountains...and by September, it will be much colder...hopefully with sunny warm days to start the Fall season.   

Satori came to visit last week, for 5 nights, and I so enjoyed having her here with me.  She's so sweet and considerate to everyone.  She liked to swim in the pool here at the apartment complex. I went out and sat while she swam...the water was too cold for this Grandma.  :) 

I gave my Paddy dog a haircut today, with Alicia's dog clippers.  This is the 3rd time I've groomed him, and it's getting easier.  I can get his back and sides clipped good, but his legs and head need some "fine-tuning" to say the least, but he looks better.

As soon as I get moved in and my company leaves, I need to get ready for the yearly "Noodle" campout of my family and lots of friends, and this year, it's close to where my house is.   My camper is parked at Alicia's house, so I'll move it to my house that week, too.  I have a 16' Casita Spirit Deluxe now...and am excited to go camping in it!   There's so much more room.  Maybe Satori will sleep in it with me. I'd like that.  

Here she is...I'll call her Dragonfly like my old one, but this one doesn't have any decals on it.  I kinda like it plain.

This is my new house!  Isn't it wonderful?!  2 acres of aspens and pines surrounding it, with a view of the peaks to the west and a view of peaks to the north.  I'll be writing more here after I settle in, with more pictures of course.
I'd love for some of my Casita friends to come visit me...we could have a mini-rally or go camping in the mountains that surround this area. 
So I'll cut this post short for now.  More to follow soon!
take care everyone

Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer is here and going fast

Hello friends and family....I've been here, but not blogging the past 2 months.  I read my friend's blogs almost everyday, and enjoy reading about their travels.  EggRollings , RVsue , Jons Journeys .  These blogs remind me of when I was traveling full time in my Casita.  :) 
Today I de-winterized my "new to me" Casita Spirit Deluxe 16 ft, that I bought this winter while on my SW travels for 2 months.  It was full of RV antifreeze!   I usually blow out the lines to winterize, but got it done today with a lot flushing and more flushing of the lines.  She's ready for camping this summer!   I know of one trip I'm going on, but this summer has been designated my house-hunting summer.  I have found a mountain house and am in the middle of the process to buy it.  wow..I haven't bought a home for a long time...forgot all the steps to complete it. I have a wonderful buyer's agent, and he is taking the stress out of it for me.  I am going to wait to show you the house until after it closes.'ll just have to wait.  It's beautiful on 2 acres surrounded by aspens and pine trees, with mountain views.  I love it.
So here at my apartment, I'm packing and purging this month.  I actually found more stuff to donate to Goodwill.   I've found I don't need all the clothes and stuff I've been holding onto for years and years.   Have to save the "treasures" though.  :)
I did go on a trip to visit my family in Kansas in May, and went to my 45th High School Reunion.....oh my...every 5 years we get together, and every 5 years, I get to see all the "old and grey" classmates.  ha    I've aged gracefully I think.   LOL   
let's see if I can find a few pictures to share....

I finished knitting this sweater for me this winter.  It'll be warm and cozy for next winter in the mountains. 

 This is Satori's sweater I knit for her this winter.   It fits just like she wanted it, and looks like she'll be able to wear it for many years.  :)

Satori, my beautiful grand-daughter, and my dog Paddy when she visited me this spring.  She is almost 11 years old and has the best manners and attitude.  I am a proud Grandma.

I've done some baking...not as much as I used to.  Who's going to eat it?  me?   I give away most of what I bake.  
Here's some cinnamon rolls and bierocks I made...they were yummie. 

Just like my Momma taught me!  And she is still baking and cooking like when I was a kid.

Satori was in a play this spring at her school...she was Jessie, a character from Toy Story.  

And listen to this!   Her volleyball team went all the way to the state tournament and WON!   They were undefeated the whole should of been there....everyone was crying and jumping up and down.  It was a close game and they won in the final 2 pts (I think).  :)    Great job Satori!!!     You are such a grand athlete.    I am so proud of you. 

Well this wasn't so hard writing this post....I'll try and get more written!    And after I move to the'll be another new chapter and path in my life, and you sure will hear about it. 

take care my friends and family.    You haven't heard the last of it.

PS:  I am trying to figure out how to change the picture of me and Paddy at the top of this blog.  help please from you experienced bloggers.   My pic is so outdated!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

not much to blog about

Jerry at EggRollings,, said it, and I agree.  There's not much to blog about since I moved into this apartment in the city.  Day to day events are much the same everyday; no pictures taken except ones of my grand-daughter.  She came to visit me last week for her spring break. We had a good time..mostly doing nothing and she liked it that way.  She understands what "me time" is, and relishes it when she can.    Satori is in volleyball now, and I plan to attend her volleyball match this weekend.  I get to see her Mom Alicia, too.  The highlight of my life is seeing my children.

I do have good news.  My application for a mortgage to buy a home in the mountains is almost complete, so in a couple of weeks I hope to go see some properties for sale.  My goal is to close in June to move in late June or early July, before the lease ends here.  I look at houses everyday online that are for sale.  There has been a few that I really like, then find them under I am patiently waiting for my time to go look for real.

My day starts with making a pot of coffee, take Paddy out for a walk, and watch The Today Show, which I record, so I can see all of it.  I make trips to the library pretty often, since I like to read, and sometimes I find a recent movie.  As you know, I love watching TV, netflix, and movies.  I have my favorite shows, and I don't feel guilty in any way for watching so much.  It fills my time while I knit on a project.  I finished the sweater for me, and it turned out nice.  Then I started a purple sweater for Satori and have it about half done.  Of course I'm online all day,'s my way of keeping in touch with all my friends and family that I can't see very often.  Mostly lurking!   If I see something on TV, I go to the internet to learn more about it....learning new things about anything for me keeps my mind active and thinking positive thoughts.   I have a compassion for everyone in my life and the lives I hear about.

When I move to my home, my own home! :), I will have more to blog about.  I haven't owned a home since before I moved to Colorado from Kansas almost 11 years ago, when I owned a historical victorian home with my late husband.   My home will be a home where I can bring out my artistic side again...beading, knitting, painting, and other crafts that come up.   Decorating and making it my "me time" place will be healing and a look to my future. I can't wait.

I'll close this with a pic of Satori and Paddy, when she was here for Spring Break.  Love her so much!

Life is Good!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Time flies

Hello friends....It's about time I wrote in here again.  Since last year's trek in my camper, I've been living in an apartment in the Denver area, and all the time, I'm longing to escape from the city.  It's going to happen this summer one way or another.   Since my last post, I had the usual December with family at Christmas, January I went on a trip with my camper to the Southwest US again like last year, and February I returned home.
I spend my days at home watching a lot of TV, knitting, online, and reading.  I miss my Casita friends since coming home from the Quartzsite Rally in February, and I long to be out there with the full-timers, but that life style didn't suit me's a lonely way to live.  Maybe if I traveled between rallies and festivals I might consider it again, but I'll have a home base to come home to next time.
January I went on a cruise with my Mom, Dad, my two sisters, Denise and Pam, to Mexico from LA. We had such a great time together!  Then I stayed in my camper near Mom and Dad's place in Indio, CA, before I traveled to Arizona for 2 weeks before coming home.  The most exciting part of my trip is I sold my little 13 ft Casita and bought a 16 ft Casita on my trip.   It was meant to be.  I love my "new" one with so much more room and everything works.  My little camper was starting to have issues. 
I love the Arizona desert and love my friends I meet up with there.  Coming home to winter was hard, but I settled in within a couple of weeks. 
I have been knitting quite a bit this winter, making many dish cloths to give for Christmas gifts, and now a sweater in the works for me. 
Here's some pictures from December, January, and February.  til next time.... enjoy.
taken from my apartment towards the mountains

Alicia and I at her birthday dinner.
Satori and Alicia

Stopped in southern Colorado on way south. Snow on top of the camper! It eventually all blew off as I drove into New Mexico.

Me, Pam and Denise by the pool where Mom and Dad live in the winter.

Great picture of Mom

My "new" 2005 Casita Spirit Deluxe.

Departing LA. We had adjoining balconies.  Nice!

We walked every deck!
 Dad, too!

Mom and Dad with us at our evening meal.  Great food!  fun!

Ship photo at dinner.  

My dream...a day at sea....

Californian Sunsets so beautiful

At Dome Rock, AZ for camper rally.  Love my new camper!

Cholla cactus

See how Big it is!?  That's the solar panel in front.

Arizona sunsets are beautiful as California

Sunrise out my window

We're home!  She's parked at Alicia's house this winter.  I think she's in shock from her move from California to Colorado.  :)
What a great Winter so far!  Now where is Spring?
Life is Good