LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Drunken Noodle Fest Pics

Here's the pics I talked about in the previous post.   Great fun!

At Home in the City

Yes I know....I haven't posted for over a month.  So here goes....

I am settled into an apartment in Lakewood, CO, the most western suburb of Denver area, as close to the foothills as I could get.  I moved in here with my adult son...oh my...and it is a year lease for him to make some life changes.  I never thought I would live with one of my kids again, but here I am, and am taking days and months as a starting off point for me, too.  I swore I'd never live in the city again, but you do what Moms do.  so I am here.....

Apartment living is okay, not like living in the woods in a house, where I lived a year ago before I started my Casita camper journey last September.  I was really ready to get out of that camper into a "permanent" home on land.  :)   Last year was great, I'm not going to complain, but there were times of loneliness and boredom, but you know....that happens living wherever we are.  Happiness comes from within, not where I am or what I'm doing. 

There are still boxes in here, but we're basically unpacked with what we need to live.  I have the larger master bedroom with a walk-in closet.  We both have a bathroom...a good thing.  :)   We chose this complex because it has large apartments with nice amenities.  2 pools, workout room, garages, and a location where everything we could possibly need within a few miles.  And the mountains are only 4 miles.  We have a mountain view from our place and lots of big windows that brings in great sunshine.   It's been a little hot here the past 2 weeks, but Fall is upon the horizon. again.   Summer's are short in Colorado, basically June, July, and August. 

We have a yearly friends and family camping trip in the wilderness, and this year there were 21 of us, camping in Lost Park Wilderness area in the mountains west of Denver.   It's called Drunken Noodle Fest.  long story of how it got named, but it's my daughter and 2 of her friends who organize it every year.  We have such fun!    Yes it rained this year, but we endured, playing group games, sitting and cooking around the fire.  No fire ban this year, they lifted it a few days before we camped.  yah!  Of course I camp in my Casita camper, but everyone else was in tents.  you know...I miss camping in a tent, and I have an awesome tent and all tent camping equipment still in my camping "collection". :)   I love the outdoors and love being in the wilderness.   I still have a dream of going back-packing, and have all the gear for it.  someday.....I will do it.   promise.      pics below of this year's Noodly antics and fun. 

Last year traveling, I had no TV access most of the time, so I missed a year's worth of shows and movies.   I love watching TV and movies!   But my traveling was a good test to see if I could live without them, and I can.   Now I have cable TV and internet, and have been catching up on some shows I really like.   :)

I've been reading books from the local library....almost the first thing I did...get a library card.  :)   Books provide me with serenity and peace and hours of good time spent not in front of the TV.    I've read some of Kristin Hannah's, Nevada Barr, and A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson.  

Life is Good.