LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Casita Journey coming to a close

Hello friends and family......I have decided to leave the full-time life-style of traveling in my camper.   It was a great adventure, and now I'm ready to put down some legs and live at a "basecamp".  I grew tired of living alone, especially since leaving the desert southwest USA.  I am excited to tell you I'll be living in a western suburb of Denver, CO, starting this week.    My son Steve and I are going to room together in a large apartment. He is starting a new job next week, and we're all happy about that.  :)
Since the trip to Gunnison to Blue Mesa a few weeks ago, I've been staying at my son David's home in southern Denver suburb, and getting ready for the move.   Thankyou David and Holly for sharing your home and a spot for my camper.
Steve and I went camping with Alicia and Satori last weekend in the mountains near Jefferson Lake, CO.  It was fun and restful.....but the mosquitoes were awful!   We couldn't have a campfire due to the fire bans, so we sat around a propane heater Alicia has.  Not quite like a campfire, but provided warmth and a deterent to the mosquitoes.   It rained almost everyday a little.  
After we get settled, I plan to update my blog again more often, since there is camping trips on my calendar this summer to go to. :)  AND a couple next winter, one in Texas, and of course Quartzsite, AZ, in February.

Life is Good

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