LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Colorado Rockies

That's where I am again.  After a trip to Kansas for 3 weeks in May.   From fishing at Tuttle Creek reservoir to helping my sister Pam with her pies and pastries at the Farmers market to spending time with sister Denise and shopping with Mom, and fishing with Dad.  I always have a good time there.
I caravaned to Colorado with Mom and Dad in their camper, me in my Casita to Blue Mesa reservoir near Gunnison for camping and fishing for kokanee salmon and trout 2 weeks ago. They rented a pontoon and we all enjoyed riding and fishing for a week.  Alicia and Satori were here for a long weekend,  staying in a cabin. Then my sister Denise and Brandon drove out for 4 days. 
We fished every day for 10 days....we caught fish every day..mostly fishing. ..not a lot of catching. Lol
Denise, Brandon and I did the Morrow Point boat tour below the dam.  We made it down the 232 steps to the bottom of the canyon, walked 3/4 mile to the boat dock and really enjoyed the 1.5 hours boat ride through the canyon.  Then we walked all the way out! 
I'm staying in Colorado now...and yes, am still in my Casita camper....since last September.   Will see if I keep living this lifestyle or succumb to getting a house again....will see.  :)
Here's some pics..again sorry Can't post text by each one...durn Android Blogger.
I hope to post more often!

Yep Life is Good!


  1. Looks like a wonderful time, Diane.

    As a camper who returns home after each trip, I am very curious to know how you feel about living in the Casita. Do you get weary of it, or is it something you really enjoy?

    My biggest complaint is no comfortable seating in mine. If we had a place to comfortably lounge inside in rainy weather, I think we would enjoy staying out longer.

    Hope you'll do a post on your reflections on fulltiming in your little Casita someday. :)