LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Busy is the word here in Kansas with my relatives. more of the slow lifestyle I'm used to..but I keep up.  Lol. 
I attended Brandon's graduation and celebratory party.   Nice weekend.

Mom and I went to Wichita last week for an overnight visit at Aunt Marge's house.  Aunt Neva was there, too.  I don't think I've been to her house probably before I moved to Colorado.  We went shopping a few places there.

Memorial Weekend Mom and Dad went camping and I didn't!    We visited them at their campsite this time. :)  It was really windy all weekend, so Dad couldn't put his pontoon in the lake to go fishing. Dang.   So we put it in the water below the dam to go sun and my cowboy hat blew off into the water,  so Nease maneuvered us to get it with the dip net.  :0)

I found a water leak at the back side of my camper last week...had to go inside under the bench to find it.  A water line coming out of the water pump had cracked, causing the leak.  No fix since the water pump housing had broken off where the water line connected, so a new pump was ordered.   It should arrive soon.  Always something. ...:)

We went to my sister's Pam's house in the country for the day.  I love spending time there on their farm.  They have new chickens under a heat lamp in the chicken house, and are growing rapidly. :)

They took flowers to the cemetery where a lot of my ancestors are buried.  Pretty with everything decorated.

Some pics now below of my visit here.
The old truck has been in my family a long time.  Dad bought it for $40 Mom the 60's probably.  I drove it into town for groceries.  Ha. 

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