LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Camp Verde, AZ. Clear Creek Campground

Paddy and I caravaned to Camp Verde, AZ, with Diane Hall, and Jeff from the campground north of Sedona.   Friends Konrad and Lynn live in Camp Verde, just under a mile from Clear Creek CG, a nice Forest Service CG, nestled along Clear Creek, east of Hwy 17 around 5 miles. The biggest sycamore trees we've ever seen were at all the camp sites.   

We camped in sites close together, and seemed to be an extension of the Pine Flat CG in Sedona. We enjoyed getting together with Konrad and Lynn several times.  Jeff is looking for a home to buy in the area, so the 1st day he headed to Payson, about an hour east.   Diane (Sage), Konrad and Lynn, and I toured Montezuma's Well National Monument.
It's a natural spring fed pond ...water entering from the bottom.   Indians discovered it around 1100 and lived there to 1400.    Indian ruins line the walls,  and they also built the canal that directs water away from the spring.   Amazing feat of engineering I must say.   The canal is built of stone and remains running today.

We walked along the upper edge, and down into the well, and walked outside to see the canal.   Beautiful!    Serene and cool walkways, with more huge sycamore trees, and columbine yellow flowers.  We sat by the waterway for awhile ....and took lots of pictures there. 

We ate at Crusty's Pizza in town., our taste buds!   Great pizza.  Great friends.  :0)

Diane departed for home,  so I rode went  to Payson with Jeff to look at some properties.   Payson is a small town surrounded by forest, and has good weather year round. 

I met a lady from Montana in a Scamp camper and we enjoyed trading stories about our travels.....somehow, I think our paths might cross again. 

It was hot in Camp Verde, so I sat in the shade one day, watched hummingbirds feed at the new feeder, and spent the day resting.  Yep, gotta take a day off.  Lol

Konrad and Lynn had Jeff and I over for dinner the night before he left.   Yum.  White chicken chili, tacos, fresh salsa and guacamole,  and fresh strawberries to top it off.  Thank-you Lynn!  

My travels are taking me east now, headed back to Colorado ....not too fast's still snowing up there!   
Pics below....enjoy....


  1. We'll be along Hwy's 12 and 89 in Utah beginning on the 14th. Maybe we'll cross paths:-)

  2. Oh, we LOVE Payson. Stopped at the well, once, too. Have you been to Montezuma's Castle? It is very impressive, too. There are LOTS of sycamore trees there.