LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Busy is the word here in Kansas with my relatives. more of the slow lifestyle I'm used to..but I keep up.  Lol. 
I attended Brandon's graduation and celebratory party.   Nice weekend.

Mom and I went to Wichita last week for an overnight visit at Aunt Marge's house.  Aunt Neva was there, too.  I don't think I've been to her house probably before I moved to Colorado.  We went shopping a few places there.

Memorial Weekend Mom and Dad went camping and I didn't!    We visited them at their campsite this time. :)  It was really windy all weekend, so Dad couldn't put his pontoon in the lake to go fishing. Dang.   So we put it in the water below the dam to go sun and my cowboy hat blew off into the water,  so Nease maneuvered us to get it with the dip net.  :0)

I found a water leak at the back side of my camper last week...had to go inside under the bench to find it.  A water line coming out of the water pump had cracked, causing the leak.  No fix since the water pump housing had broken off where the water line connected, so a new pump was ordered.   It should arrive soon.  Always something. ...:)

We went to my sister's Pam's house in the country for the day.  I love spending time there on their farm.  They have new chickens under a heat lamp in the chicken house, and are growing rapidly. :)

They took flowers to the cemetery where a lot of my ancestors are buried.  Pretty with everything decorated.

Some pics now below of my visit here.
The old truck has been in my family a long time.  Dad bought it for $40 Mom the 60's probably.  I drove it into town for groceries.  Ha. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Moving on

I've been in the Denver area for a week now...tomorrow I'll head out again. Mother's Day this year was very special....being gathered with my kids and grand-daughter, and daughter-in-law, plus all 5 of our dogs.  We had a good weekend spending time together once again.  Family is the most important aspect of our lives.

I've visited all my kids this I have another commitment for next weekend in Kansas to attend a college graduation of my nephew.  Plans are to stay there about 2 weeks before my next adventure...on to another camping trip!

I was able with the help of my son, Steve, to move many things from my truck into the storage unit....things that I haven't used the past 4 months, and also picked up a few things.  The truck is much lighter, camper, too.  It feels good to be "less cluttered".

We were able to take a new family picture this weekend.  It's been many many years since we took the last one.

My blog continues on from travels in my little Casita with my dog continues this summer and beyond.  I love living on the road and meeting new people along the way.

                                                                                  Life is Good!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

San Felipe Casino, Cochita Lake, Storrie Lake and beyond

Well, since last post I've been traveling headed back to Colorado!   From Show Low, Fool Hollow Lake, AZ, we traveled to north of Albuquerque, NM, to the San Felipe Casino at Algondonas for an over-night stay.  They have an RV parking lot with electric for $10..nice place to stop on the way somewhere, plus there's the casino for those of you interested in gambling.

Next I traveled a short distance up I25 to Cochita Lake near Algodonas, NM, and stayed there 2 nights.  Great spot!  It's an Army Corp reservoir dam on the Rio Grande River.  Beautiful lake and green Rio Grande flowing into it.  Sites were $12 a night, and included a sheltered picnic table, asphalt level parking, a grill, and bath house with showers.  I picked a spot over-looking the lake, with views beyond the dam towards Albuquerque valley.  A group of college age geologists in tents were next to me.  I enjoyed hearing their laughter every evening.  :)

Here I toured the Tent Rocks National Monument just a few miles from camp. & wow...I hiked the 1.2 mile loop up to a cave made by Indians.  Tent rocks look just like that...huge rocks cone-shaped from millions of years ago from volcanic and earthquakes, then eroded to the tent shapes.

On we went north to Storrie Lake at Las Vegas, NM.  This place does not look like the pics in the Allstays app!   But for $14 with electric and water, was a bargain.  Level pull through sites with an adobe shelter building with picnic table.  cute.  We (Paddy and I) stayed there one night.  I was happy to see 2 other rigs with Colorado plates there, too.  The lake was almost dry, from the years of drought.

My plans next were to drive to Trinidad, CO, to Trinidad State Park.   Long drive and a disappointment when I got there...  oh my...after driving out to the south campground on a dirt road, it was deserted.   Not "safe" in my terms, so turned around and thought what next?

Well, some of you might have guessed son David agreed we should drive on "home", so off we went back to I25 onto the Denver area.  Another long day of driving, some of it in rain, and we arrived yesterday late afternoon. southwest journey is complete.  127 nights in the Casita since I left on Dec 29, 2012 from Denver.

Feels bittersweet to be back, and nice to be with family again

The pics below of travels the past week. I hope they are in order.  lol   note they aren't in order after skills on this tablet aren't as good as my old laptop.    senioritis.....whateva.   :)   

It IS a good life...and plan to do it again.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Fool Hollow Lake, Show Low, AZ

Fool Hollow Lake is north of Show Low.  We arrived there on April 30, found a nice site in Osprey Cove, overlooking the lake.  Our site was up above the lake aways, so it made for a beautiful view.  A pair of great blue herons visited, and the always present turkey buzzards with their huge wing spans and white under their wings.   I've seen these birds my entire trip,  and enjoy watching them soaring ....but pretty hard to photograph. 
We planned to stay one night, and move on to New Mexico, but I discovered Paddy's eye had swollen almost shut, with weeping.    Too late to call a vet, so I put warm compresses on til morning and called a vet nearby.    Dr examined his very swollen and red eye,  checked for cornea scratch, and prescribed oral antibiotics and also topical cream to put in.  Dr nor I could see anything in it.  So we stayed another night because high winds on the roads. Later the next  evening, the swelling had receded enough for me to look at it better.  There was something stuck in the outside corner under the lids.  Too late to see the vet.  It was really cold and windy there....lows in 30's, so I wanted to move on the next day.  The vet got us in early that morning.   A foxtail had lodged in his eye!  From Camp Verde somewhere.   Vet pulled it out after numbing the eye, and we left town.  Poor guy...he was so good. Never acting like he had any pain, but he had to.
He's better now.  
Some pics of Fool Hollow lake and our site.  We stayed at camp most of the time, except for some shopping.
I'm headed back to Colorado to visit my kids. 
A Good Life out here. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Camp Verde, AZ. Clear Creek Campground

Paddy and I caravaned to Camp Verde, AZ, with Diane Hall, and Jeff from the campground north of Sedona.   Friends Konrad and Lynn live in Camp Verde, just under a mile from Clear Creek CG, a nice Forest Service CG, nestled along Clear Creek, east of Hwy 17 around 5 miles. The biggest sycamore trees we've ever seen were at all the camp sites.   

We camped in sites close together, and seemed to be an extension of the Pine Flat CG in Sedona. We enjoyed getting together with Konrad and Lynn several times.  Jeff is looking for a home to buy in the area, so the 1st day he headed to Payson, about an hour east.   Diane (Sage), Konrad and Lynn, and I toured Montezuma's Well National Monument.
It's a natural spring fed pond ...water entering from the bottom.   Indians discovered it around 1100 and lived there to 1400.    Indian ruins line the walls,  and they also built the canal that directs water away from the spring.   Amazing feat of engineering I must say.   The canal is built of stone and remains running today.

We walked along the upper edge, and down into the well, and walked outside to see the canal.   Beautiful!    Serene and cool walkways, with more huge sycamore trees, and columbine yellow flowers.  We sat by the waterway for awhile ....and took lots of pictures there. 

We ate at Crusty's Pizza in town., our taste buds!   Great pizza.  Great friends.  :0)

Diane departed for home,  so I rode went  to Payson with Jeff to look at some properties.   Payson is a small town surrounded by forest, and has good weather year round. 

I met a lady from Montana in a Scamp camper and we enjoyed trading stories about our travels.....somehow, I think our paths might cross again. 

It was hot in Camp Verde, so I sat in the shade one day, watched hummingbirds feed at the new feeder, and spent the day resting.  Yep, gotta take a day off.  Lol

Konrad and Lynn had Jeff and I over for dinner the night before he left.   Yum.  White chicken chili, tacos, fresh salsa and guacamole,  and fresh strawberries to top it off.  Thank-you Lynn!  

My travels are taking me east now, headed back to Colorado ....not too fast's still snowing up there!   
Pics below....enjoy....