LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wickenburg, Arizona and onto a new place

My trek east from Parker led me to Wickenburg, AZ, a spot recommended to me....probably wouldn't have gone there, but glad I did.Wickenburg is a small western themed town, and those that know me, know I love cowboy everything.

We camped east of town a mile at Constellation campground.  No services, except trash, $5 a day, and a beautiful view of town from a hilltop above the valley.

It was warm there, upper 80's and 90's, so was nice to sit outside everyday....moving to a shade tree in the afternoons.  Paddy kept seeing lizards, and wanted to go investigate, but so many stickers and sand burrs, I kept him on the campsite.   Both there and in Parker I pulled out stickers and brushed him to keep his fine hair clean.
Before we left there, and while it was warm, using the warm water from the big tote that had been sitting in the sun, he got a bath in the dish pan.    Air and sun dried, with another brushing, and he was a happy camper.   :)

I forgot to mention the wild burros in Parker.  They wandered into camp twice while there,  walked right up to me, and of course had to feed them apples and bread.  They are used to being fed. They wander everywhere in the area.  The day I drove to Lake Havasu, on the way back, around a corner,  and 4 were on the road!  Speed limits and signs saying watch for them helped.....  pics of them below.

Oh and in Parker,  it just so happened, I arrived in time for the boat races on the Colorado River, right beside the campground ....remind myself never to camp there during this event!  Loud, very loud racing boats running up and down the river for 2 days, from daylight to after dark.  Enough about Parker I forgot to write about.

Back to my visit in Wickenburg.....I browsed through some downtown shops, visited the visitor's center, and found a great western store, where I looked around the store, even the tack and pet dept downstairs.   My only purchase was a Cowboy hat.  Half price and in my price range....sure looks good on me...ha.  Goes great with my cowboy boots I have along, and with a tiered skirt I found in a thrift shop in Borrego Springs.  

I bought groceries and filled water bottles at Safeway, and did my laundry at The Wash Tub.  Propane bottle needed filled, so found Horspitality RV Park east of town for that,  and that's where I used there dump station yesterday when leaving.

A treat there was a Tastee Freeze for food and ice cream.  I haven't seen one of these stores in a long time, so visited it twice.  Caramel malt..oh my good.  :)

The sunsets were beautiful from my spot above the town!!!  Orange, red, yellow, and purple.   I started a painting, they inspired me so.  

So yesterday we moved on further east ....good thing we traveled yesterday, because the high winds today would have stopped us from driving.   I headed towards Sedona area...omg...jaw dropping red rock mountains here,  I could hardly keep my eyes on the road!  Even going through Cottonwood, AZ,  the hills and mountains rose up around the valleys.  Such beautiful splendour .....

I'm meeting a group of Casita folks for a weekend rally next weekend.  I arrived early yesterday, so can have time to see Sedona and the area here.   It looks so much like Colorado here, with pine trees hitting the sky above me,  feels like home ...oh my, I could settle down here.   Lol

The wind is blowing hard today, making it colder ....47 this morning!  Back to winter clothes and the insulation on the windows inside,  we were toasty warm, even with no furnace on.  A hot cup of hot chocolate last night, and hot coffee this morning ...we are inside the camper relaxing.  Paddy is laying in the sun coming in the window.

It's a grand day to be alive, and to be able to wander in this country, free to do as I wish, and go wherever my soul leads me.



  1. That sunset pic is awesome. See you soon.

  2. Oh, my~Love your visitors. We stopped in Oatman one time and the burros practically ran the town!~ They were everywhere. Yes, we've had the wind and colder temps here in our desert, near Palm Springs. I've had to wear a jacket for the last two days!
    ~~Cheryl Ann~~

  3. Good post, and nice pics. We're heading out for Southern Utah in about 3 weeks. Should be out that way six weeks or so. Possible our paths may cross, again.:-)