LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Eastward Bound

California was fun to visit this winter, and me and Paddy had a good time in the Southern California desert, from Indio, Yuma, AZ, to Borrego Springs, and points east.  I didn't go to the coast this just didn't work out,; so have that venture on the plans for next time.  I hope to be able to come back for more next year!    Love wandering around where I decided to go! :)
Plans to go to Joshua Tree National Park were nixed, when I drove into the east entrance last week, to find all park campgrounds were full, plus my cell phone didn't have service......I don't camp without a phone signal, unless am with family.   NEVER.  My code of safety!
So that day I had to head back the 10 miles to Hwy 10, and keep going.

When I was in Quartzsite in February this year, I had plans to visit the Parker and Lake Havasu areas, but went to Yuma instead.  That's where I am now, camped in a nice park along the Colorado River.It's beautiful by the river.....still with sand and filled with tamarisk trees, but I have a nice shady lucky.  Pic below of the best camp spot I've had all winter.

Paddy and I visited London Bridge last what a feat to have moved it to Lake Havasu City from London!  We walked around under it along the river shore, enjoying seeing the boats and sea birds.   And it was free!   I drove across it and back to finish my visit there.
Pics below....
It's been nice this week to be able to sit outside in the shade all day, out of the 95° temps, before the cool front came in yesterday. Very nice. :0)
There's other campers here, and have become acquainted with some.  Seems like everywhere I've been, people like me are enjoying life on the road, too. Some I'll never see again, but that's okay, too.

Soon me and Paddy will be headed more to the east and north to get away from the desert heat.  It's getting too hot here for me. Lol
So on to the road we'll go again, to find the next stop in this adventure....who knows what I'll find....there's always gorgous vistas and nature-filled lands here.
Life is Good

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  1. Just finished catching up on your travels since Quartzite. You have been a busy lady. Looking forward to following along as you head out again.