LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Time to move on again

Yes my time here with Mom and Dad is coming to a close soon.  I am so thankful I was here to help Mom and Dad when she got sick.  She's much better now and on road to recovery.  I'm looking forward now to head off into the desert somewhere there's starry nights and cool breezes and awesome sunsets.  Of course I won't be isolated for you that are concerned.....I always camp where others are in sight.  I feel safe.  LOL

I've been busy since I arrived here 3 weeks ago.....being around Mom and Dad and their busy lives.   Dad was in the Art Walk where his paintings and all the painters in the art department displayed their paintings in different buildings around their park.   Also 2 days ago was the big Art and Crafts show where everyone had their items for sale.  From fiber arts to wood carving to painting and jewelry.   I enjoyed helping Dad with his booth of his wonderful oil paintings and hand woven shawls.   I'm inspired to dust off my era of not being artistic now, and have acquired a set of pastels and supplies to paint again.  There are so many beautiful things to paint here in the desert.  I hope to be where the desert flowers are in bloom.   I can't wait to try it.

It's been VERY hot here last week...upper 90's...too hot to be in my camper during the day, and too hot to leave my dog in either.   So Mom and Dad arranged for me to move to a campground with electric, water, and sewer.   :)    Life saving!!!    It's for a few days until I leave.    Sunday Mom and I are going to her Red Hat luncheon and also attending a show at the IPAC Theater.   It will be a surprise what the show is...LOL  I didn't ask her what the show is, but it's always good.

All my pictures are on my phone, and I'm writing this on my tablet.  I promise to post more often!   I'll have more time for myself.    Until next time.....

I am grateful to be living and traveling and away from the snow and cold of Colorado. 

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