LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, March 22, 2013

Indio in the rear view mirror

updated March 24  added text to photos.   :)

We, me and Paddy, spent more time than I planned to in Indio, but circumstances made it happen.   I attended many events with Mom and Dad, too.  It grew to be so hot there, I moved into an rv park with electric, so could use the air conditioner last week.
Mom spent 6 days in the hospital.  I wanted to stay and help them, whatever was needed.  She is much better now, and they're getting ready to head home to Kansas for the summer. 
It was fun there getting to go to IPAC shows, a trip to the Lawrence Welk theater, and going shopping and out to eat there.    Right now I'm an hour or so down the road camping in the desert.  There's people around, so nice to meet and visit with other travelers. It's getting hot here in southern California, so the cooler temps are calling me to head east and north.   86-90 is too hot for me!  
Paddy and I spend our days sitting in the shade of the camper and my truck.  Evenings we fix some dinner, to enjoy before bedtime .....sometimes pretty early!  Ha.  No television signal here or hotspot signal for my computer, so my phone is my connection to the world.
Last night it was so windy here, I was afraid my little camper was going to tip over!  So today we are moved where hopefully the wind is less, same "campground", different spot.  
I can hear birds singing out here away from the cities, and the night skies are filled with stars....except the Moon is getting full this week....hampers star gazing.  It's very nice when the sun sets behind the mountain to the west here, much cooler.  The heat doesn't make me feel like reading....just sitting...curling up with a good book in the heat....well...not like home in the wintertime reading a book by the fire.  :)
I have a few pics to share.  Enjoy. 

perfect spot away from the madding crowd.  :)
yellow flowers name yet to be discovered
sunset here...peaceful and serene
another sunset!
mountains to the west
beavertail cactus
cholla cactus
cocotilla. like a candle with spikes of red flowers flaming at it's tips

along the road...aren't they pretty?

March 24 Sunday update....staying since the temperatures are cooler and the high winds are gone.    cool nights in the 50's excellent   lol

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Glad the weather is better!