LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Borrego Springs, CA

I was in the Anza Borrego State Park for 9 days.  Borrego Springs is a quaint little town tucked into and surrounded by mountains in southern California west and south of the Salton Sea.   I camped at the Peg Leg Monument with other campers and snowbirds.    It's nice to get acquainted with people and hear their stories,  and probably won't ever cross paths never know.
I toured the sculptures scattered around the area...huge sculptures!   We could drive right up next to them in the desert,  me and Paddy.   It was hot there, in the 90's all week, with strong winds at night ....every day breezes would start,  sometimes rocking my little camper!    I figured out how to park my truck to deflect them.   I didn't want to move somewhere else, since I felt safe there.
We sat outside alot,  in between our sight-seeing trips.  
The skies were dark, except for the rising moons each night,  it's one of the 3 darkest cities in the world.
I took a pic of the holes in the ground...wondering what lived in them.   The day I went browsing at the little mall in town, I asked about them.   Scorpions and tarantulas are the inhabitants!     To be sure, I never went outside at night to find out.  Lol
Wildflowers were blooming across the desert, together with Ocotillos and Cholla cactus.  Beautiful!
I would go back there, but maybe when the moon is dark, so to view the star-filled skies the valley is famous for.
My time in California is coming to a close as I make plans to head east into Arizona.  Lots to see everywhere and hard to decide where to land.
Enjoy the pictures ....I really enjoy taking them.
Life is Good

Added April 1....more pics.  Wall hanging in a shop in town, brought back from Nepal.  Pics of the Mall.  And those holes in the ground I described.   Some reason all pics didn't load before.    Happy April!

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  1. Holes into the unknown....ecks! I bet the viewing of the stars has to be so beautiful! Thanks for the tour...that will be us next year :O)