LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Borrego Springs, CA

I was in the Anza Borrego State Park for 9 days.  Borrego Springs is a quaint little town tucked into and surrounded by mountains in southern California west and south of the Salton Sea.   I camped at the Peg Leg Monument with other campers and snowbirds.    It's nice to get acquainted with people and hear their stories,  and probably won't ever cross paths never know.
I toured the sculptures scattered around the area...huge sculptures!   We could drive right up next to them in the desert,  me and Paddy.   It was hot there, in the 90's all week, with strong winds at night ....every day breezes would start,  sometimes rocking my little camper!    I figured out how to park my truck to deflect them.   I didn't want to move somewhere else, since I felt safe there.
We sat outside alot,  in between our sight-seeing trips.  
The skies were dark, except for the rising moons each night,  it's one of the 3 darkest cities in the world.
I took a pic of the holes in the ground...wondering what lived in them.   The day I went browsing at the little mall in town, I asked about them.   Scorpions and tarantulas are the inhabitants!     To be sure, I never went outside at night to find out.  Lol
Wildflowers were blooming across the desert, together with Ocotillos and Cholla cactus.  Beautiful!
I would go back there, but maybe when the moon is dark, so to view the star-filled skies the valley is famous for.
My time in California is coming to a close as I make plans to head east into Arizona.  Lots to see everywhere and hard to decide where to land.
Enjoy the pictures ....I really enjoy taking them.
Life is Good

Added April 1....more pics.  Wall hanging in a shop in town, brought back from Nepal.  Pics of the Mall.  And those holes in the ground I described.   Some reason all pics didn't load before.    Happy April!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Indio in the rear view mirror

updated March 24  added text to photos.   :)

We, me and Paddy, spent more time than I planned to in Indio, but circumstances made it happen.   I attended many events with Mom and Dad, too.  It grew to be so hot there, I moved into an rv park with electric, so could use the air conditioner last week.
Mom spent 6 days in the hospital.  I wanted to stay and help them, whatever was needed.  She is much better now, and they're getting ready to head home to Kansas for the summer. 
It was fun there getting to go to IPAC shows, a trip to the Lawrence Welk theater, and going shopping and out to eat there.    Right now I'm an hour or so down the road camping in the desert.  There's people around, so nice to meet and visit with other travelers. It's getting hot here in southern California, so the cooler temps are calling me to head east and north.   86-90 is too hot for me!  
Paddy and I spend our days sitting in the shade of the camper and my truck.  Evenings we fix some dinner, to enjoy before bedtime .....sometimes pretty early!  Ha.  No television signal here or hotspot signal for my computer, so my phone is my connection to the world.
Last night it was so windy here, I was afraid my little camper was going to tip over!  So today we are moved where hopefully the wind is less, same "campground", different spot.  
I can hear birds singing out here away from the cities, and the night skies are filled with stars....except the Moon is getting full this week....hampers star gazing.  It's very nice when the sun sets behind the mountain to the west here, much cooler.  The heat doesn't make me feel like reading....just sitting...curling up with a good book in the heat....well...not like home in the wintertime reading a book by the fire.  :)
I have a few pics to share.  Enjoy. 

perfect spot away from the madding crowd.  :)
yellow flowers name yet to be discovered
sunset here...peaceful and serene
another sunset!
mountains to the west
beavertail cactus
cholla cactus
cocotilla. like a candle with spikes of red flowers flaming at it's tips

along the road...aren't they pretty?

March 24 Sunday update....staying since the temperatures are cooler and the high winds are gone.    cool nights in the 50's excellent   lol

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Just pics

Senior moments trying to get pics on here!  Enjoy!
Sorry they're not labeled.   Phone app won't let me.   :0) 

Time to move on again

Yes my time here with Mom and Dad is coming to a close soon.  I am so thankful I was here to help Mom and Dad when she got sick.  She's much better now and on road to recovery.  I'm looking forward now to head off into the desert somewhere there's starry nights and cool breezes and awesome sunsets.  Of course I won't be isolated for you that are concerned.....I always camp where others are in sight.  I feel safe.  LOL

I've been busy since I arrived here 3 weeks ago.....being around Mom and Dad and their busy lives.   Dad was in the Art Walk where his paintings and all the painters in the art department displayed their paintings in different buildings around their park.   Also 2 days ago was the big Art and Crafts show where everyone had their items for sale.  From fiber arts to wood carving to painting and jewelry.   I enjoyed helping Dad with his booth of his wonderful oil paintings and hand woven shawls.   I'm inspired to dust off my era of not being artistic now, and have acquired a set of pastels and supplies to paint again.  There are so many beautiful things to paint here in the desert.  I hope to be where the desert flowers are in bloom.   I can't wait to try it.

It's been VERY hot here last week...upper 90's...too hot to be in my camper during the day, and too hot to leave my dog in either.   So Mom and Dad arranged for me to move to a campground with electric, water, and sewer.   :)    Life saving!!!    It's for a few days until I leave.    Sunday Mom and I are going to her Red Hat luncheon and also attending a show at the IPAC Theater.   It will be a surprise what the show is...LOL  I didn't ask her what the show is, but it's always good.

All my pictures are on my phone, and I'm writing this on my tablet.  I promise to post more often!   I'll have more time for myself.    Until next time.....

I am grateful to be living and traveling and away from the snow and cold of Colorado. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Time for helping ....

I've been busy the past week helping out my parents here.   Mom has been sick and spent some days in the hospital....she's much better now and at home where it's easier to rest and recuperate.     My trip to the desert BLM land can be life is flexible.    I am thankful I was near to help out.    Being near my family is the most important thing ever.  

Today is a day of wind and sand and dirt flying, getting into every crevice of my camper, and some places you don't want it ever.  Lol. 

I love the warm days now and warm nights, and a dip in the swimming pool will be looked forward to. 

Not any new pictures this week.....just picture a skyline of palm trees swaying in the breeze.  :)

Internet and television in my tiny abode helps the evenings pass, until the next adventure somewhere in a BLM area, with quiet days and starry nights.

Some painting with pastels is on my list, too.   I miss painting, and am inspired by Dad and his paintings here. 

So until this rig rolls out of this Coachella Valley, I'll be hanging out with Mom and's a good life. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A one and a two...

A trip to the Lawrence Welk museum and theater last week for me and my Mom, on the bus from her park was very nice.  We saw South Pacific.  Wow....wonderful musical!!   I was in awe of the professional singers,  and also lunch at The Grill buffet.  Gourmet food ...and all the desserts we could eat.  Lol.   Creme brulee was my favorite. :)
On the way back we took a route through Temecula and wine country in that valley. No....didn't stop at any of the many wineries, but enjoyed the views there.
I remember watching Lawrence Welk show every week when I was a kid.   :)
Some pics below.....