LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, February 8, 2013

Wind and rain clouds go away

We've had 4 days of sunshine and upper 70's this week, but last night the blast of cold winds came in, rocking campers and trying to dislodge items outside to send them towards Phoenix! More cold winds today.  A group of around 20ish went for lunch at Silly Al's pizza.  Yum yum.....with an Amber Bock was great fun and food.    Quartzsite is known for this pizza joint.  I had the Vegetarian good,  and have leftovers to boot.  
Diane ( Sage )and I took a stroll around camp this afternoon. ..and the winds and blowing sand drove us back to our trailers. 
So I made a hot cup of cappachino and me and Paddy are lounging on the "sofa" and looking out the windows.     Bummer we can't sit outside!   
The past 2 evenings we've gathered under a neighbors canopy around their Campfire in a Can. Very nice and no smoke or ashes.  
I'm glad it's been warm here.   So many just arrived yesterday and today.   Doubt I join the campfire down the way....real campfire tonight....will see.  Would have to pull out my winter coat if I do.
My solar panel is working great here and since I left Colorado.  Hope the sun comes out tomorrow, although it works on cloudy days, too.

Some pics from here.....I need to take more. Until later...

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  1. Hmmm, Amber Boc. Don't drink beer much anymore, that's the one for me when I do. That dawg gum weather!