LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Loving desert living in an RV

Sunday ....has been a fantastic weekend since leaving Quartzsite on Friday.  A couple of hours drive and I'm in a different BLM area in Arizona.   Westerly warm winds today, blowing through my new " covered porch "  made with the awning and the new mesh screen found at an RV vendor at the Quartzsite swap meet.  Heavenly....Orange sunsets every evening, and tonight Jupiter appears to be sitting next to the Moon.

A friend from Colorado Springs and I traveled here, and is nice to have someone to see the sights with.   Jim is a good friend of a good friend Kathi, another Casita single.    He's going home, and I'm headed back to California later this week.

My propane regulator was leaking, so he helped..well he did all the work to install a new one.   I also had to have a car repair in Quartzsite while I was there.   Engine started missing, so I found a local repair shop to get new spark plugs ....peace of mind now for my travels ahead.  Plus the gas mileage is improved.

As I've said before,  the desert and I feel like old friends, and plan to come back here next winter.  It feels good outside, the sun on my skin, and the arid climate are giving me an appreciation for this Southwest.

The Colorado River is here, smaller than in Colorado,  but still a majestic and beautiful body of water meandering through the desert.   Arizona and California both have canals taking some of the river.....much needed for the agriculture growing here.  Water to grow vegetables and provide jobs here. That lettuce you buy probably is grown in this part of the desert. 

Today I fixed my bathroom so can take a shower. :)  yes I've been bathing, but mostly the baby wipes kind, or a pay shower in some places.   Pic below of the new shower curtain in place how it will be used.

I had a date shake today.....Yum!!!!   Best ever!   The mejole dates are grown here and man are they great.

Still no Sprint signal to use the hotspot and laptop, so the phone is what I'm typing this post on.   Works.

Some pics since my last post.  Enjoy....


  1. It's so odd to think of lettuce growing in the desert. :)

    Glad you got your bathroom fixed. I love taking showers in my little Casita bathroom!

    I enjoy your accounts of camping in the desert.

  2. How's living in the dessert going, Diane? I hope you and your RV home are doing fine. It's tough to live as a camper, but it has lots of fringe benefits like not worrying about lawns to cut or property to pay. And if you're born with a natural taste for travel and adventure, owning an RV would be best for you.

    - Liza Pilon -