LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hummers no not the trucks

Blasted generators!   Maybe a drum circle is what they all need. 
Can you tell where I am?   Back in the city in a free casino parking lot.  I can hear at least 3 going within walking distance.   There.  I vented. 

Hard to stay here when the quiet and star-filled skies of BLM land is within 10-15 miles.    I'm going to get outta "Dodge" next week and head for the hills again.

It's nice to be close to my parents though, and they miss me when gone.  They will be leaving California in a few weeks, so I can spend more time with them while here.  

It's the huge motor homes parked in a row like WALL STREET, blocking the sun of us Solar only RV's that is frustrating.
Give me the wide open spaces where the deer and antelope roam!   Ok deer or antelope here, just coyotes and lizards in them thar sand

Thinking back to last week in Yuma....visited the Territorial Prison,  Quartermaster Museum, and the Alcatraz exhibits.   I saw how in 1912, a natural siphon was dug under the Colorado River to get water from Arizona side to California side, so Yuma area and the Cochella Valley here where I am, could grow vegetables.  Their only way to make a living and feed the rest of the country with wonderful and healthy vegetables.  90% of the lettuce eaten in the U.S. comes from Yuma.   Amazing isn't it?

Of course the date shakes are the best treats of treats here, where date groves grow many variates of yummy dates.  Oh my....I can almost taste a date shake.   :)

I camped at the Imperial Dam short term BLM campground, with Colorado Jim, another Casita owner.   We found 2 other Casitas camped there, too.    Each morning was a gorgeous sunrise and again at sundown.   Quiet breezes...ahem...maybe a generator humming off in the distance, but overall a fabulous place to stay.  

I really like that area north of Yuma, Az, and maybe next year will come back there.  Of course plans to return to Quartzsite are on the calendar, too.

I finally have a tv in here.  It runs off the battery with an invertor.  I watched the Oscars last night,  but tonight it's off.   Too much noise to have on very much, but nice to have it available.   I have a flat panel antenna that gets a surprising amount of HD channels to watch.  (Half are in Spanish)...geezz....this is US of wouldn't know it here, if ya know what I mean....

Home is getting pounded with cold and snow.   I'm grateful to be here this winter!!

Until's a good life here in my tiny abode.

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  1. Diane - glad you are still enjoying the southwest. I love the desert. Next winter we should get together in Anza Borrego - one of my favorite desert spots.