LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

As the trailers go off into the desert....

On their way to wherever the next destination is has been a wonderful Fiberglass rally here near Quartzsite, AZ.   Several remain here, maybe they are wanderers like some, who wait for an inspiration to decide where to land next.   I guess I'm kinda in that category.   The plan is not to have a plan. :0)    

Today is laundry day in town.  Perhaps a hot shower, too.   Quartzite is very snowbird friendly.   Yesterday some of us went for a free pancake breakfast at an RV lot....just found out about it...they were serving free dinners, too, but that ended last Saturday.  2 huge pancakes with butter and syrup, plus free coffee and juice.   Awesome.....

I'm a little tired this week from being so busy hanging out with friends here from morning to night.  Time to refresh and slow down to the slow desert pace of sunshine and camp chair.  Smile

Yesterday me and 2 others walked over the small rise behind here, back where no roads are.  I wanted to get some pics of the cactus.  A grand and majestic saguaro stood, probably 15+ feet tall.  They say they live hundreds of years.   I stood and looked off in the distance, past Quartzsite, to the mountains surrounding this desert valley.  Just breathtaking to me.   The desert has a healing quality.... can't explain it, but it's real.  Energizing atmosphere here.  

In a couple of days, it's going to be back in the 70's with 40's at night.  Yah!   The wind cuts through all my clothes, even with layers on.   I'm looking forward to sitting outside again, getting some rays.

Still using my cell phone to write here...not signal for my hotspot, but that's ok for now.  

Some recent pics.....

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  1. I love those simple days of sunshine and camp chairs best. :)

    So glad the gathering was a success, and enjoyed your photos!