LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Monday, February 25, 2013

Hummers no not the trucks

Blasted generators!   Maybe a drum circle is what they all need. 
Can you tell where I am?   Back in the city in a free casino parking lot.  I can hear at least 3 going within walking distance.   There.  I vented. 

Hard to stay here when the quiet and star-filled skies of BLM land is within 10-15 miles.    I'm going to get outta "Dodge" next week and head for the hills again.

It's nice to be close to my parents though, and they miss me when gone.  They will be leaving California in a few weeks, so I can spend more time with them while here.  

It's the huge motor homes parked in a row like WALL STREET, blocking the sun of us Solar only RV's that is frustrating.
Give me the wide open spaces where the deer and antelope roam!   Ok deer or antelope here, just coyotes and lizards in them thar sand

Thinking back to last week in Yuma....visited the Territorial Prison,  Quartermaster Museum, and the Alcatraz exhibits.   I saw how in 1912, a natural siphon was dug under the Colorado River to get water from Arizona side to California side, so Yuma area and the Cochella Valley here where I am, could grow vegetables.  Their only way to make a living and feed the rest of the country with wonderful and healthy vegetables.  90% of the lettuce eaten in the U.S. comes from Yuma.   Amazing isn't it?

Of course the date shakes are the best treats of treats here, where date groves grow many variates of yummy dates.  Oh my....I can almost taste a date shake.   :)

I camped at the Imperial Dam short term BLM campground, with Colorado Jim, another Casita owner.   We found 2 other Casitas camped there, too.    Each morning was a gorgeous sunrise and again at sundown.   Quiet breezes...ahem...maybe a generator humming off in the distance, but overall a fabulous place to stay.  

I really like that area north of Yuma, Az, and maybe next year will come back there.  Of course plans to return to Quartzsite are on the calendar, too.

I finally have a tv in here.  It runs off the battery with an invertor.  I watched the Oscars last night,  but tonight it's off.   Too much noise to have on very much, but nice to have it available.   I have a flat panel antenna that gets a surprising amount of HD channels to watch.  (Half are in Spanish)...geezz....this is US of wouldn't know it here, if ya know what I mean....

Home is getting pounded with cold and snow.   I'm grateful to be here this winter!!

Until's a good life here in my tiny abode.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Loving desert living in an RV

Sunday ....has been a fantastic weekend since leaving Quartzsite on Friday.  A couple of hours drive and I'm in a different BLM area in Arizona.   Westerly warm winds today, blowing through my new " covered porch "  made with the awning and the new mesh screen found at an RV vendor at the Quartzsite swap meet.  Heavenly....Orange sunsets every evening, and tonight Jupiter appears to be sitting next to the Moon.

A friend from Colorado Springs and I traveled here, and is nice to have someone to see the sights with.   Jim is a good friend of a good friend Kathi, another Casita single.    He's going home, and I'm headed back to California later this week.

My propane regulator was leaking, so he helped..well he did all the work to install a new one.   I also had to have a car repair in Quartzsite while I was there.   Engine started missing, so I found a local repair shop to get new spark plugs ....peace of mind now for my travels ahead.  Plus the gas mileage is improved.

As I've said before,  the desert and I feel like old friends, and plan to come back here next winter.  It feels good outside, the sun on my skin, and the arid climate are giving me an appreciation for this Southwest.

The Colorado River is here, smaller than in Colorado,  but still a majestic and beautiful body of water meandering through the desert.   Arizona and California both have canals taking some of the river.....much needed for the agriculture growing here.  Water to grow vegetables and provide jobs here. That lettuce you buy probably is grown in this part of the desert. 

Today I fixed my bathroom so can take a shower. :)  yes I've been bathing, but mostly the baby wipes kind, or a pay shower in some places.   Pic below of the new shower curtain in place how it will be used.

I had a date shake today.....Yum!!!!   Best ever!   The mejole dates are grown here and man are they great.

Still no Sprint signal to use the hotspot and laptop, so the phone is what I'm typing this post on.   Works.

Some pics since my last post.  Enjoy....

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

As the trailers go off into the desert....

On their way to wherever the next destination is has been a wonderful Fiberglass rally here near Quartzsite, AZ.   Several remain here, maybe they are wanderers like some, who wait for an inspiration to decide where to land next.   I guess I'm kinda in that category.   The plan is not to have a plan. :0)    

Today is laundry day in town.  Perhaps a hot shower, too.   Quartzite is very snowbird friendly.   Yesterday some of us went for a free pancake breakfast at an RV lot....just found out about it...they were serving free dinners, too, but that ended last Saturday.  2 huge pancakes with butter and syrup, plus free coffee and juice.   Awesome.....

I'm a little tired this week from being so busy hanging out with friends here from morning to night.  Time to refresh and slow down to the slow desert pace of sunshine and camp chair.  Smile

Yesterday me and 2 others walked over the small rise behind here, back where no roads are.  I wanted to get some pics of the cactus.  A grand and majestic saguaro stood, probably 15+ feet tall.  They say they live hundreds of years.   I stood and looked off in the distance, past Quartzsite, to the mountains surrounding this desert valley.  Just breathtaking to me.   The desert has a healing quality.... can't explain it, but it's real.  Energizing atmosphere here.  

In a couple of days, it's going to be back in the 70's with 40's at night.  Yah!   The wind cuts through all my clothes, even with layers on.   I'm looking forward to sitting outside again, getting some rays.

Still using my cell phone to write here...not signal for my hotspot, but that's ok for now.  

Some recent pics.....

Friday, February 8, 2013

Wind and rain clouds go away

We've had 4 days of sunshine and upper 70's this week, but last night the blast of cold winds came in, rocking campers and trying to dislodge items outside to send them towards Phoenix! More cold winds today.  A group of around 20ish went for lunch at Silly Al's pizza.  Yum yum.....with an Amber Bock was great fun and food.    Quartzsite is known for this pizza joint.  I had the Vegetarian good,  and have leftovers to boot.  
Diane ( Sage )and I took a stroll around camp this afternoon. ..and the winds and blowing sand drove us back to our trailers. 
So I made a hot cup of cappachino and me and Paddy are lounging on the "sofa" and looking out the windows.     Bummer we can't sit outside!   
The past 2 evenings we've gathered under a neighbors canopy around their Campfire in a Can. Very nice and no smoke or ashes.  
I'm glad it's been warm here.   So many just arrived yesterday and today.   Doubt I join the campfire down the way....real campfire tonight....will see.  Would have to pull out my winter coat if I do.
My solar panel is working great here and since I left Colorado.  Hope the sun comes out tomorrow, although it works on cloudy days, too.

Some pics from here.....I need to take more. Until later...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Desert living everywhere it here already!  Got my camp up in no time.   Even a new friend came over, single lady here for the rally named Diane LOL.  She's a rock hunter, been here 2 weeks prospecting.  Didn't say what for, but you know what's found near quartz?  Gold!    Thars gold in these hills.  :)
They do dry panning.....and I left my gold pan at home.   Oh well's already fun finding all the quartz.
Sun is setting.  Soon time to go inside tonight.   
More's a good day and looking forward to tomorrow ....will have to find the Saguaro cactus tomorrow....all around.