LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Yah it's warm!

I am enjoying the warm temps at last here in the Cochella Valley in Indio, CA.  It was upper 60's yesterday and 73 today.  Feels wonderful. 

I left Lake Cahuilla Campground in LaQuinta yesterday after a week there.  I had electric and water hookups for $20 a day.  Nice park but aways up there from the valley.   I enjoyed electric hookup by watching Netflix every evening. 

  Now it's boondocking here at Fantasy Springs parking lot.   I'm closer to my Mom and Dad, and am enjoying time with them, before I leave for Quartzsite, AZ in a couple of weeks, to camp with Casita friends at a rally there. Also boondocking.  My solar panel keeps the battery charged.

My awning is out today over the rug by my door. No high winds predicted like last week......that was awfull!!!  Blowing sand and cold north winds kept me inside most if the time.

Dad had his 86th birthday this week, and Mom had a surprise party for him. :)   Friends in their resort were there, and he was surprised!  Mom made cinnamon rolls to go with donuts and coffee.  Fun

I'm being lazy today....after Paddy and I took a 30 minute walk.   Nice to chill out and enjoy the California sun.

I listen to my radio in the evenings and read books and whatever I find.    Guess I'm getting used to no TV, but still think of all the shows I'm missing,  like Downton Abbey!!!   No antenna on my camper.  I tried a couple of inside antennas luck with that.    Oh well....a good test for me to live without television. :)

I saw my granddaughter Savanna this week!  I haven't seen her for many years, since she left Denver to live with her grandparents out here.  She's 20!   Looking good ...I missed her.  She couldn't believe I am in California.

It's a good life on the road, but I had to smooth out a few kinks first. :)
Any suggestions from any of you followers here as to where I should visit in California or Arizona?   ( for this low income full- timer )   free places to park?  Or extremely " cheap "?    I don't mind at all being without power.  
I'm posting this on my phone, so I can't label pics. 

Enjoy some I've taken ....til next time.


  1. You might look into the Ajo, AZ area. A number of full-timers like that area. I was just reading there are 2 or 3 parks in that area, plus dispersed camping areas on BLM land. Glad to hear you are warm once again. We are enjoying some warmth here; and, unfortunately my feet are getting the itchy feeling already.

  2. You can watch Downton Abbey on your computer if you get to a wireless point (McDonalds)

  3. Diane, I use my Droid phone to hook up to the internet for free. I have Netflix streaming and watch movies on my phone. Remind me to show you when I see you at Quartzsite. Right now, Netflix only has Seasons 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey. :(

    Consider a couple of nights camping at Jumbo Rocks on the north side of Joshua Tree National Park. Beautiful surroundings and a bunch of hiking. They also have a campground (Cottonwood) on the south side. Camping is cheap, especially if you have the Senior Pass.

    See you soon!