LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Monday, January 28, 2013

It actually does rain in the desert!

Last Thursday through Saturday, we had rain here!  Puddles and water running down gutters....nice for this valley and all the fruits and vegetables grown here. 

I'm not whining about the recent " cold " wave here with highs only in the 60's.....heavens sake, my family and friends are in the freezer in Kansas and Colorado.

My son David is still healing from three surgeries on his lower leg.  Dr had to go back in twice because the incision was still bleeding.  He's still in a boot and stuck in his recliner at home.  We hope his appt this Wednesday will be good news, and the stitches taken out they had to put back in.    Last week he found out the achilles they tried to reconnect was unsuccessful.......a blow and hard news to bear.   He will walk again with lots of therapy.   It could have been worse .. I am grateful.

Last Saturday night, Mom and I went to see Clint Black at 29 Palms, great concert.  I remember when he started out in the 80's....we were fans from the start.  Row 8 and free tickets. :)

I've been going to the casino here everyday, me and Dad, to swipe our players cards get into a drawing to win an $80 K Audi or cash.  I'll be sure to post a new message if we win it on February 23.    :)

I'm excited to be heading to Quartzsite, AZ, next weekend.  My Casita friends will be there, and to meet more that a word?    Smile....   my 1st Quartzsite rally.   There's thousands of campers over there this month. 

My Casita seems to be getting larger inside.....not really's still a 10 ft cabin inside....guess I've gotten used to living in a small egg to be sure.   I still have a dream to own a 17 footer..., I put command hooks on the wall behind the toilet to hang shoes on.  Works.

I've been reading a Sue Henry book, Murder on the Ididirod Trail, and it is keeping me reading every evening.....can't put it down.  Now I want more of her books!   I read til I get sleepy usually around 9 pm.  Oh, to be able to go to bed whenever....the best.  Same for mornings...I am spoiled.

Mom is a TOPS member, a club for losing weight.  They had a fun day on Saturday, and everyone was to dress up like a pirate.  Fun.  Her pic is shown below.   Doesn't she look like Johnny Depp's pirate Mom?  I'm smilin'.......

I read Rvsue's blog when she writes,  and sure do enjoy her stories and adventures in her Casita.   Look her up....a great blog!

So besides talking about the weather....yes it changes if you wait a minute, anywhere and everywhere in the US.  :)

Some pics......til next time....

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