LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Monday, January 28, 2013

It actually does rain in the desert!

Last Thursday through Saturday, we had rain here!  Puddles and water running down gutters....nice for this valley and all the fruits and vegetables grown here. 

I'm not whining about the recent " cold " wave here with highs only in the 60's.....heavens sake, my family and friends are in the freezer in Kansas and Colorado.

My son David is still healing from three surgeries on his lower leg.  Dr had to go back in twice because the incision was still bleeding.  He's still in a boot and stuck in his recliner at home.  We hope his appt this Wednesday will be good news, and the stitches taken out they had to put back in.    Last week he found out the achilles they tried to reconnect was unsuccessful.......a blow and hard news to bear.   He will walk again with lots of therapy.   It could have been worse .. I am grateful.

Last Saturday night, Mom and I went to see Clint Black at 29 Palms, great concert.  I remember when he started out in the 80's....we were fans from the start.  Row 8 and free tickets. :)

I've been going to the casino here everyday, me and Dad, to swipe our players cards get into a drawing to win an $80 K Audi or cash.  I'll be sure to post a new message if we win it on February 23.    :)

I'm excited to be heading to Quartzsite, AZ, next weekend.  My Casita friends will be there, and to meet more that a word?    Smile....   my 1st Quartzsite rally.   There's thousands of campers over there this month. 

My Casita seems to be getting larger inside.....not really's still a 10 ft cabin inside....guess I've gotten used to living in a small egg to be sure.   I still have a dream to own a 17 footer..., I put command hooks on the wall behind the toilet to hang shoes on.  Works.

I've been reading a Sue Henry book, Murder on the Ididirod Trail, and it is keeping me reading every evening.....can't put it down.  Now I want more of her books!   I read til I get sleepy usually around 9 pm.  Oh, to be able to go to bed whenever....the best.  Same for mornings...I am spoiled.

Mom is a TOPS member, a club for losing weight.  They had a fun day on Saturday, and everyone was to dress up like a pirate.  Fun.  Her pic is shown below.   Doesn't she look like Johnny Depp's pirate Mom?  I'm smilin'.......

I read Rvsue's blog when she writes,  and sure do enjoy her stories and adventures in her Casita.   Look her up....a great blog!

So besides talking about the weather....yes it changes if you wait a minute, anywhere and everywhere in the US.  :)

Some pics......til next time....

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Indio sunshine

Sunshine, blue skies, and 80 degree temps here in Indio this week.  Yah!

I've been to alot of shopping places with Mom, and have updated my wardrobe from the drab outfits I've been wearing for years.  Now I have bright colors and clothes more suitable to desert living.  

I sure do like it in the desert ..... the warm and arid climate makes me feel better.  And I can shed the multiple layers I was wearing forever in Colorado and Kansas.

This morning I'm sitting in the sun outside my camper enjoying my coffee.  Sun feels almost hot already.....but if I move into the shade, it's much cooler.   Awrsome

Paddy is doing good, and is a trouper about staying home while I am gone out.  I don't leave him more than a couple of hours at a time.

Some pics to share is good.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Yah it's warm!

I am enjoying the warm temps at last here in the Cochella Valley in Indio, CA.  It was upper 60's yesterday and 73 today.  Feels wonderful. 

I left Lake Cahuilla Campground in LaQuinta yesterday after a week there.  I had electric and water hookups for $20 a day.  Nice park but aways up there from the valley.   I enjoyed electric hookup by watching Netflix every evening. 

  Now it's boondocking here at Fantasy Springs parking lot.   I'm closer to my Mom and Dad, and am enjoying time with them, before I leave for Quartzsite, AZ in a couple of weeks, to camp with Casita friends at a rally there. Also boondocking.  My solar panel keeps the battery charged.

My awning is out today over the rug by my door. No high winds predicted like last week......that was awfull!!!  Blowing sand and cold north winds kept me inside most if the time.

Dad had his 86th birthday this week, and Mom had a surprise party for him. :)   Friends in their resort were there, and he was surprised!  Mom made cinnamon rolls to go with donuts and coffee.  Fun

I'm being lazy today....after Paddy and I took a 30 minute walk.   Nice to chill out and enjoy the California sun.

I listen to my radio in the evenings and read books and whatever I find.    Guess I'm getting used to no TV, but still think of all the shows I'm missing,  like Downton Abbey!!!   No antenna on my camper.  I tried a couple of inside antennas luck with that.    Oh well....a good test for me to live without television. :)

I saw my granddaughter Savanna this week!  I haven't seen her for many years, since she left Denver to live with her grandparents out here.  She's 20!   Looking good ...I missed her.  She couldn't believe I am in California.

It's a good life on the road, but I had to smooth out a few kinks first. :)
Any suggestions from any of you followers here as to where I should visit in California or Arizona?   ( for this low income full- timer )   free places to park?  Or extremely " cheap "?    I don't mind at all being without power.  
I'm posting this on my phone, so I can't label pics. 

Enjoy some I've taken ....til next time.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Hello from sunny and very windy California!  I'm in the Indio/Palm Springs valley since last Saturday, 6 days ago.   Mom and I arrived from Phoenix after a great week attending the Fiesta Bowl with Kansas State.  They lost to Oregon, but we all had a grand time anyway.  5 fun-filled days going places around the area. 

We stayed in Scottsdale at the team hotel-- Scottsdale Plaza Resort.  wow..grand place, luxurious rooms.  We had adjoining rooms so the guys were in one and me, Mom and Denise in the other one. 
Denise and family arrived on New Years Eve day by plane and Mom arrived on the bus on New Years Day. I picked them up at the airport, and next day took them to get a car rental and pick up Mom at the bus station.  TG for my GPS!!!

  I/we drove around and around the Phoenix airport trying to find the dern car rental place for Denise to pick up their's hidden, huge place, but hidden!    My truck stuffed with 5 people driving in circles.  LOL   Mom's bus station was right there, so after we finally found the rental place, I picked up Mom, and we all drove back to the hotel.

We went to the team practice at Scottsdale Community College, and attended the huge pep rally in the Arizona Diamondbacks Stadium in Tempe.  Kansas State had 22 thousand fans at the pep rally alone!!   go Cats!   

The next day was the Biggest Football party at the Arizona University stadium parking lot.   We all "enjoyed" the "free" plate of food that came with our ticket.  alot of fans milling around, not much free stuff like last year at the Cotton Bowl they said.  

Game day we drove back to the stadium for the 6:30pm game.  TG for shuttles! 
I was in awe of being in my 1st professional football stadium!   HUGE.  We had great seats, thanks to Brandon being on the team, we were in row 18 in the corner section.  Thanks Brandon for being a Kansas State Wildcat player and sharing your free tickets!!!  

Friday was a free day, so we slept in and packed to leave the next day. 
We ate out for breakfast 3 times at Butterfield's Pancake House...yum on those pancakes and cheese grits!
Night before we left Ed and Bill found a nice italian place in downtown Scottsdale.  wonderful rich food and it was Ed's birthday the next day.   I even had a glass of wine with my canneloni  :)
Mom and I left on Saturday for our drive to Indio.  !st had to go pick up Paddy where he stayed at the rv park I stayed in the 1st night in Phoenix.   The manager offered to keep him as she dog sits anyway.  He had a nice house to stay in and didn't have to be boarded and stay in a wire cage.   grateful for that.
It was a 5 hour drive back to Indio.  Mom and stopped frequently since we both have low back issues.   Made it to Indio around 4ish.    I parked my rig in the free parking lots for the casino just outside their resort gate.   No electric, but used my new solar panels everyday to charge up the battery, so could run the furnace at night.   Chilly nights here since we got back.

Yesterday I moved my rig to a county campground where I can have electric.  It's across the valley from Mom and Dad, but glad I'm here.   High winds and blowing sand everywhere, but not as bad here where I am as in the valley.
My camper was rocking this morning....not from what you might think.. I hooked it back onto the truck hitch and put the stabilizers down.  It's better this afternoon, but the wind is still hammering it.   Cold front will be here around a week with lows in the 30's.  I'm warm and cozy with my heater.

But I'm bummed because I bought a new TV for my camper and bought a rabbit ears antenna yesterday before I drove here.  Turned it all on signal, no picture.    May have bought a wrong antenna...who back to reading books and internet.   TG I have my new hotspot to get internet.    I can watch Netflix at least.  Long days having to stay's not fit to go outside at all.  Everyone staying in their rigs here.
Last night I went to sleep listening to the neighbors across the street playing guitars and slnging...nice.  lulled me to sleep.

Yes I'm still tired from all the traveling since I left Denver on December 29.  Something everyday to do.   I'm taking it easier today.   But did switch out 2 cupboards in here, food in one and dishes in other.   Next I need to take everything out of the clothes closet...what a mess it is...but not today.  no.

I'll try and post some pics here, but my internet connection isn't very fast.
I'm doing good.