LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Busy in December

I don't know about any of you, but when the calendar crosses over into December, time really flies.   It's less than 3 weeks until I go back to Denver area for Christmas!  wow.   Guess I need to get serious about a few gifts for my family.  Our focus is on family, not the gifts, kinda like Thanksgiving day, spending time with family and food.    Of course there's a few gifts given, and always the White Elephant gift exchange between us all.  It's the most fun of the day, one person opening a funny item, deciding to keep it or stealing someone else's.    We buy something at a thrift shop to wrap up, all the while anticipating who will open it.    priceless....   :)  I've got my WE gift!   fun

 At the Christmas Parade with my sister Nease.

  Kansas State fans filled the field after they won the Big 12 Championship.  fun
 Me at the tailgate before the game.

Brandon and family on the field for Family Day before the game.

I've been to the Manhattan Christmas Parade, K State football game, and an open house for my niece Samantha while she visits Kansas.  And working on my Casita camper getting it ready for my full-timing adventure after Christmas.  I'll be heading south to New Mexico for the 1st week, then onto Phoenix area to attend the Fiesta Bowl, where Kansas State plays, with my nephew Brandon on the team.  They won last Saturday, earning the Big 12 Championship.   The fans filled the field awaiting the trophy celebration.  

 Samantha and my sister Pam.

 My niece Samantha, who lives in Georgia now, came back to visit for a few days.   Pam, my sis, had an open house on Sunday for her.   We enjoyed seeing her and visiting with friends and family.    Good luck Sam!  :)

I saw an ortho Dr for my elbow, which has been in pain for months again.....   "tennis" elbow, even though I've never been on a tennis court!   He injected a shot of cortisone in the joint, giving me immediate relief.   It's still sore and aches, so I will continue to not use that arm much.   It's hard when I'm trying to get my camper ready travel, but I'm managing okay.

My sis Nease and family bought their Christmas tree last weekend.  As I was walking up and down the aisles of all the trees, the pine aromas reminded me so much of Colorado!  

Here's my new bed in my camper!  I'm working on the new table that will sit in front of the bed, allowing me a place to sit on either side.  :)   I may have to give the new bed a try just to see how it feels, me and Paddy. 

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