LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ready to travel

Tomorrow I leave for my trip back to Denver area to spend Thanksgiving with my kids and grand-daughter.  I'm really looking forward to seeing them again.  I won't be pulling my's staying here parked in my parents driveway this week.  I'm taking a bunch of things back to my storage unit, things I decided I don't need.  The bathroom door and table from the camper are going into storage.   I changed my bed formation in my little Casita Patriot so there's a place to sit with a small table, with the smaller bed at the back.  Now I'll have a place to sit, read, do crafts, while I'm inside the camper.  I had to sit on the bed before.   My cousin Jan is going to help me do somemore things after I get back next week.  She has a Casita, too.   excited!!
here's a pic of the new bed and sitting area:

I got home from my sis Pam's today, where I spent the weekend.  We had fun in Council Grove, rearranging her furniture, and just having a good time.  Her, Jan, and I ate at the Saddlerock Cafe in Council Grove Saturday morning.  It's been there since before I was born I think.  I used to go eat there when I was growing up every Saturday night when we "went to town".  :)   Here's a sign they have up in there now....what a neat place.

  It's not fancy for sure, but the food is good

 I took a little nap this afternoon!   most of you know I can't sleep in the daytime, but today I was so sleepy....stretched out on the couch and snoozed for an hour.  After that I got up and packed my bags to leave tomorrow. 

The past week was fun here.   I picked up Andrew from school and took him to bowling and work.  He is mostly blind, so needs a ride everyday.  
I watched him bowl at the K State Union...he's good!

We watched Kansas State lose their first game last night.  Baylor played hard and overcame every KSU attempt to get ahead.   Hard to watch, after they've had such a good season.    One game left on December 1, then a bowl game, yet to be determined...they won't be going to the championship SEC game in Miami, they lost 1st place last night. 

My favorite show is on tonight...Amazing Race...LOVE it!  lol      I always wanted to be on it from the very 1st season.   dreaming again..  haha

I'll be in Colorado for a week, and have plans almost everyday.  fun filled "mini vacation"   :)    Thanksgiving at my daughter Alicia's house will be special since they moved in there in September.    

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to all who read this...enjoy your day wherever you are and with whoever you are with.   Family is the most important of all.

Life is Good

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