LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

aaahhhh family time....

Nice Thanksgiving in Colorado!

My trip from Manhatan, Kansas to Denver, Colorado area to spend holiday with my 3 children and grand-daughter was so nice this year.  Since I don't have a home right now, I spent the time staying at David and Holly's house and at Alicia and Satori's house.   Steve joined us for Thanksgiving day and Friday.  

Alicia and I prepared all the dishes with gusto...of course it helped with some "cheer" throughout the day.  

We had all the traditional dishes plus her Autumn Salad, and an ice cream cake. 

We played Telestrations game that night, and was a hoot with lots of laughter on every round.

We stayed up late enjoying being together again.   With the fireplace going, her log home was filled with warmth and glowing with happiness.

Our pumpkin pies were made from organic ingredients...we had fun making and baking them...they turned out beautiful and good... smile.

From setting the table with home-made decorations, to serving the beautiful turkey... I can say it was the best ever for me.

Thank-you dear turkey for providing our table with a nourishing and yummy part of our dinner.

I am grateful to be with my family every year.

I miss those who have passed before me, and am grateful to be close to them in spirit everyday.

My family

Saturday after Thanksgiving was my "group therapy' lunch with my good friends, Barb and Linda.   We met at The Chop House in Denver.   Superb food with sharing our stories since we last met in September.    Always a good time with them.



I returned yesterday to Manhattan, Kansas, to my temporary home at my sister Denise's house.   We missed each other for the week I was away.    It's nice to be "home".   :)   

Now to finish up my little Casita camper, making it more comfortable, before my trek after Christmas as a Snowbird towards the warmer weather of the southwest.

Life is Good

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