LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kansas with family

Well, winter is trying to make a comeback here this week....has been in the upper 80's for a week, now the Arctic Air is descending upon the vast plains of the prairie.    80 yesterday, 40 today.   33 tonight.   My camper needs some prep for winterizing, so I drained the water tank, opened all the faucets, and have a small heater in there for tonight with the doors open to the cabinets and bathroom.   It probably won't freeze any pipes tonight, but I'll need to finish winterizing soon.    Since I'm not sleeping in my camper, but staying with my 2 sisters, and my parents in their houses, I'm doing great keeping warm here in Kansas as the cold winds blow and drizzly rains hit here this week.
Since I last wrote, I house sit for my cousin in Council Grove last week for a few days.   I really enjoyed being there by myself.  I caught up on watching Netflix Breaking Bad shows, watched the movie The Grey, and slept longer at night. It was quiet and very much like my Fairplay house.  :)  
Saturday night Kansas State played West Virginia in Virgina.  Brandon got to travel with the team this time.  We watched the game and saw him on TV several times.  :)    
Sunday was Brandon's birthday, and I was back staying at Nease and Ed's house again.  They had a dinner party for him with Mom and Dad, and their family.  Nease made beef stroganoff, twice baked potatoes, and chocolate birthday cake.   Mom brought a jello salad.    It was yummy food.   
Tuesday evening, I went to water exercise with Nease, Mom, and Andrew. It was great to swim again, so I felt better the next day in my joints and muscles.
Wednesday I drove to Wilsey to Pam's house.  On the way I stopped at my Aunt Neva's house in Council Grove to visit her and my cousin Linda.   We had a nice visit and shared lunch together at Subway.  
Last night, Pam and I drove back to Council Grove and had a burger and fries....can you tell I've been eating out more??   It's hard not to eat everything! Today, Pam took the day off, and we've been lazy here at her house.   I drained the water tank on my camper, and put a heater in there for tonight in case it gets colder than 33.  She's in the kitchen making chicken and noodles for tonight....another yummy meal.  food is good.   waist line is suffering....  :)
They have wood stove, and it's burning nicely here in the family room.  Takes the chill off great...another reminder of my Fairplay house, where it was 16 degrees this morning.  Gosh I'm so glad not to be there this winter.   
I don't have any new pictures to post, but here's one of the biggest sweet potato I've ever seen grown!    And it's from my Mom's garden!!

 Yes, that's MY foot beside it!  wow....think it would win the biggest sweet potato contest if there was one.   :)

Life continues to be good, very good.   I'm enjoying my extended stay here in Kansas so much, but Colorado feels like my real home now, and I'll be returning there for the holidays.

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