LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Monday, October 29, 2012

Goblins and Ghosts

It's time for the little trick or treaters this week on Wednesday evening.  My sister Denise and I made some dancing ghosts decorations for the front yard yesterday at her house.   They're ready to meet the kids in their costumes in a couple of days.

Outside here the trees have almost lost all their leaves.....leaves leaves everywhere on the ground.  I am missing the pine trees of my Colorado while I'm here in Kansas.   Missing the smells of Colorado forests and the high country where I used to live.  Travelng around the country will make it really nice to get back to Colorado next spring.

I made a batch of caramel apples yesterday.  We had them for dessert last night after I made chicken stir fry for everyone.  Yum!  Popcorn balls are the next treat I'm going to favorite. 

Yesterday Denise and I winterized my camper.  Until I leave for the southwest after Christmas, the water lines need to be protected.  I used a blow out plug this much easier than RV antifreeze and less messy!   It'll be nice to just hook onto water when traveling, and not have to flush tanks like I have in the past.

Today I'm spending the day at Mom and Dad's house.   Dad is making yet another shawl on his loom.  He sells them and it's one of his hobbies.   

It's in the 60's outside today...feels better than that 30 degrees laat Saturday when we went to the Kansas State football game and tail gate party.  They won!  55-14 against Texas Tech.  Woo hoo!  :)

My stay here in Kansas brings my heart back to the good memories of growing up here.   LIFE IS GOOD


  1. I hate the messy job of winterizing too. I switched to just putting RV antifreeze in the water lines via city water hookup and thru the pump and some down into the holding tanks and traps - not even using the fresh water tank. Use less antifreeze. I have a blowout plug but have never used it. One of these days I will. Glad you are having an enjoyable time Diane with family.

  2. I bet the shaws are beautiful....does he sell? So we need a blow out valve....has to be anything better than what we went don't use the pink stuff at all? Of course you are probably not going to be storing in below 0 temps?

  3. Diane - You should still pour a little antifreeze into the p-traps since they can't be blown-out. Assume you drained the fresh water tank? Depending on the weather when you leave Kansas, you may want to leave the Casita winterized until you get to where it's warmer. How neat that your dad makes shawls on a loom! He looks so sweet, especially in his K State shirt. Don't forget to give me holler when you get down this way. I'm also going to take your suggestion of staying in the Fantasy Springs parking lot when I visit Palm Springs over Thanksgiving weekend. Thanks for the tip!