LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Camping, Football Game, and Craft Show

Well, I haven't been resting much in the past week and half!   These Kansas relatives know how to keep a lady busy and off the couch.  LOL
A week ago, my Dad in his camper, me in my Casita, and my cousin Jan in her Casita, all went to Council Grove Lake to camp for 3 nights.  We camped in Richey Cove and there weren't too many other campers there.   After all, it's October!   

 Dad, my sis Pam, my cousin Jan

The 1st day was okay, but a cold front came in that night and it was chilly,very windy, and pretty darn cold.   We had a big bonfire the 2nd night, and sat around it to keep warm.  That"s my Dad with a wind block behind him to keep warmer.     The lake was absolutely beautiful that night....amazing and gorgeous sunset.   We watched a crane or heron wading in the lake in the foreground.     

Some pics of our campers.  It's a very nice cove to camp in.  

We left there on Friday.  Saturday we went to the Kansas State vs Kansas football game in Manhattan, KS. Again it was really cold!    We all bundled up and cheered on the KSU Wildcats....they won of course, my alma mater....   :)

  My sis Denise and I.

Sunday----Mom,Dad, and I went to Topeka to the Apple Festival and Craft show.  My Dad had a booth selling his hand woven shawls.    Cold again!  It was 30 degrees when we got there, and set up his tent and shawls displays.   It was a cold morning, and we were all bundled in winter coats, hats and gloves.   Who'd of known the first freezes of the year was this weekend.   LOL  

I  did get to visit my late husband's relatives down the street again. It was nice to see them again.

This week I'm house sitting at my sister's house and getting ready for the Flint Hills Rally and Retreat at Camp Wood, Elmdale, KS, for Fiberglass Campers.  I leave on Thursday, in 2 days for that.  It's going to be fun to see some old friends and meet new ones.   Mostly Casita campers will be attending.    

Today I went to AAA to get maps and tour books for my upcoming trek across the southwest this winter.  I can't wait to see New Mexico, Arizona, and California from the windows of my truck and camper, and see that part of the country for real.  

Maybe my life will slow down in a week or so?  ... I doubt it....afterall....I'm in Kansas with my relatives.   LOL     I'm used to the slow life I left in Colorado,    and I yearn for that solitude again.....soon....   :)


  1. Lv the clock.....some sweet family time! And the the big wild West...going to love to follow those travels!

  2. Can you show one of your dad's woven shawls .

  3. I certainly will show my Dad's shawls! I will do a 2nd blog post today, and insert pics of them. If you are interested in buying, I'll send you my Mom and Dad's email and ph# to contact them about purchasing.
    thanks for the interest and sorry I haven't got back to you sooner.