LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, September 2, 2012

September has arrived

My year here is coming to a close....getting ready to leave Fairplay and onto adventures on the road.   Packing is almost done, just been tying up loose ends before the movers get here next week, in a few days.   I am ready to leave here.   The weather has turned to Fall and cold air is starting to chill things off here.  I'm having a fire every evening in the wood stove to take the chill off.  
My camper is almost loaded, just have to put the last of my clothes and food from the kitchen.   Storage unit is secured, ready to protect my household and it's treasures while I'm gone this next year.  I'm enjoying my last few days here before I move into the camper full time.  Cleaning the house after the movers is all I really have to do.    It's an open book where I'll be next week.  :)  
My birthday is in 2 weeks, and plan to get together with my children and my grand-daughter for a dinner somewhere in the metro area.  Then I will leave for Kansas, to spend a couple of months there with my Mom & Dad, and spend time with my 2 sisters and their families.   SO excited to be going to Kansas!    We plan to fish and go camping, and I have a rally with the Casita club in October to attend for 5 days in the Flint Hills.  
I plan to write in this blog during my days on the road, and visiting family, and provide a picture diary of my travels to share with my friends and famly who read this.
        I have a wonderful life that has allowed me to do this adventure.

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  1. Excited to follow your journey and hear how you do int he Casita. I'm still figuring out the best way to organize everything. We can't take off until next year. Good luck to the dragonflies! ~cozygirl