LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, September 16, 2012

My 1st week on the road

Wow, it's been just a week since I left my empty house for a trip to the Buena Vista area.  I found a campground west of Nathrop on Hwy 162....pulled into Chalk Lake campground, talked to the camp hosts, and they said take any spot you want, so I drove around the circle a couple of times and chose #16.   Very level and in the sun..which I wanted, because of the colder weather there.   In no time, I had my rig unhooked, awning out and staked, and took a walk around the campground.
What a nice place to spend 3 nights!    Camp hosts said "there's bears around".   I've always known how to camp in the mountains where wild animals might be roaming for a free meal.
Here's some pics I took there:

 Peak looks like snow, but it's actually chalk (kaolinaite) to be exact.
 Along the left side of this pic above, is the old railroad trestle from the early railroad that went through this valley.  I don't think the tracks are there. 

 Chalk Creek that runs alongside the campground.   Water was cold!  I waded!

Since there wasn't any cell phone signal, I drove down the road a few miles each day to send and receive emails and phone calls.
Saturday I drove down to Buena Vista and went to the Turner Farm Apple Fest.  Paddy and roamed around the property, going in each building as it was 100 years ago...the main house, too.  There were ladies selling dozens of apple pies! I got a sample of the apple butter on bread, and a cup of fresh pressed apple juice...oh yum.   I picked a few apples from the trees, and took them home.  Kids were playing in the small orchard there, playing games, and at the main house, musicians were playing on the porch.  I sat in the chairs out front listening to them.  A very nice morning.

I stopped along the road on the way back to my campsite at this meadow.

Next I moved on to Antero Reservoir near Fairplay.  Free campground by the lake.  I met some nice people there and stayed 2 nights.   It rained all night the last night before I left to go to my daughter's house in Conifer.
It was hot the 1st day and I spent my time making sun shades for the windows in my Casita, and read my book, and took walks.
Some pics:

I arrived at David and Holly's house on Thursday, and am departing from here tomorrow to go to eastern Kansas to visit my Mom, Dad, 2 sisters and their families for a couple of months.  Also will attend the Flint Hills Retreat in October.    So far..I love little camper feels like home on the road.
I'll try to post more regularly, since I'll have internet access.
Life is Good


  1. Hi just found your blog. Looking forward to following your travels. Love the pictures!


  2. What a great first week. Looks like beautiful country -- and your little Casita looks like it belongs there. :)