LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monday, September 17--From Colorado to Kansas

Yesterday I left Denver area and traveled to Manhattan, Kansas, where my parents and sisters and their families live.  I'll spend about 2 months here before I return to Colorado to spend the holidays with my family.  
It was a long day of driving, and the wind was blowing from the north, causing crosswinds as I drove east on I 70.    Miles and Miles of Colorado and Kansas clicking off the odometer...around 500.   Me and Paddy, my dog, stopped several times to rest and get gas, so it took me over 9 hours.    I was so glad to pull into Manhattan! 
This week I'm staying at my sister Denise's house.   My camper will be parking in their driveway.  Today I'm pretty tired, so I even took a nap, and I don't usually take naps at all.  :) 
Mom and Dad have a huge old english apple dumpling in the canner for dinner. It takes 3 hours to boil it.   10 apples peeled and sliced, cooked inside a dough.  boy oh's a treat when we have dumpling!    My grand-mother and her mother and beyond have made these dumplings since before they immigrated from England.   yum...I can't wait for it to come off the stove.  :)
The weather is beautiful here.   Temps cooled off from the awful heat they had all summer....guess I brought Fall in with me.  lol 
Here's a few pics from the drive yesterday.

I got a pic of this sign as I was leaving Colorado, then missed the Welcome to Kansas sign.

Glad I'm here!   Fun and adventures await.  :)

Some pics of a previous Apple Dumpling

And that's what's for dinner. 

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  1. OMG, that Apple Dumpling looks sooooo good and for dinner - maybe breakfast too. I waved at you when you went by my little town of Ellis, on Monday. Probably didn't feel the breeze of my wave, since the wind was blowing out of the north. Today, Tues is beautiful. Hope the visit goes well.