LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Time for another story

Well, I've been to two camping rallies last week...I was gone a week.  Camp Hale Egg Rendezvous for 3 days, then onto Turquoise Lake for Camping Singles Rally at Baby Doe Campground.  I had a wonderful time..meeting other singles with campers....made new friends and received the info to join their groups.   
It rained the 1st day at Camp Hale near Leadville.  There were many Casita owners and a few Scamps and Escape and Egg campers.  I got to tour most all of them inside ..seeing what they did to decorate and how they stored everything.  wow..lots of ideas for my little camper.
I'm so excited now to take off in my camper in 3 weeks...first going to Manhattan, KS, to spend time with my Mom and Dad, and my 2 sisters.  I have another rally planned in October in the Flint Hills for 5 nights...looking forward to that already!  
I been packing for my move into storage...hired a mover...still need to secure a storage unit on 285 somewhere near Conifer/Bailey area.  I go from packing for the move, to planning how to pack my's almost here.  :)
Here's some pics:
Camp Hale

Turquoise Lake-Baby Doe Campground-Camping Singles

Rainbow at my house...just beautiful...

Life is definitely Good

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