LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, August 24, 2012

My 1st Pro Cyling Race

The US Pro Challenge came through Fairplay this morning, and I went to watch it roll through town and out on 285.  I stood on the edge of the highway as all the race teams with their bikes on top ahead of the racers went by, then the bicyclists rode past.  They weren't going too fast...they sprinted through Main St, turned south on 285, and were in a big group together except for one up ahead of everyone.  I took pics and watched as all the follow vehicles went by.  wow is all I can say!   I've watched many pro races on TV, and this was so exciting to see it in person.   Fairplay was full of people coming to watch it.    I did some shopping and went to the post office, and came home.   The race was on this afternoon live on NBC Sports channel, so I spent the afternoon watching it. 
My camera acted up as you might know, lens didn't come open right when the racers were in front of me!  drat!!  dumb old's a pic I got of the lead racer.

Sure was a fun morning in town.  

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