LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, August 24, 2012

My 1st Pro Cyling Race

The US Pro Challenge came through Fairplay this morning, and I went to watch it roll through town and out on 285.  I stood on the edge of the highway as all the race teams with their bikes on top ahead of the racers went by, then the bicyclists rode past.  They weren't going too fast...they sprinted through Main St, turned south on 285, and were in a big group together except for one up ahead of everyone.  I took pics and watched as all the follow vehicles went by.  wow is all I can say!   I've watched many pro races on TV, and this was so exciting to see it in person.   Fairplay was full of people coming to watch it.    I did some shopping and went to the post office, and came home.   The race was on this afternoon live on NBC Sports channel, so I spent the afternoon watching it. 
My camera acted up as you might know, lens didn't come open right when the racers were in front of me!  drat!!  dumb old's a pic I got of the lead racer.

Sure was a fun morning in town.  

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Time for another story

Well, I've been to two camping rallies last week...I was gone a week.  Camp Hale Egg Rendezvous for 3 days, then onto Turquoise Lake for Camping Singles Rally at Baby Doe Campground.  I had a wonderful time..meeting other singles with campers....made new friends and received the info to join their groups.   
It rained the 1st day at Camp Hale near Leadville.  There were many Casita owners and a few Scamps and Escape and Egg campers.  I got to tour most all of them inside ..seeing what they did to decorate and how they stored everything.  wow..lots of ideas for my little camper.
I'm so excited now to take off in my camper in 3 weeks...first going to Manhattan, KS, to spend time with my Mom and Dad, and my 2 sisters.  I have another rally planned in October in the Flint Hills for 5 nights...looking forward to that already!  
I been packing for my move into storage...hired a mover...still need to secure a storage unit on 285 somewhere near Conifer/Bailey area.  I go from packing for the move, to planning how to pack my's almost here.  :)
Here's some pics:
Camp Hale

Turquoise Lake-Baby Doe Campground-Camping Singles

Rainbow at my house...just beautiful...

Life is definitely Good

Friday, August 10, 2012

August 10? wow...time is flying this month...or I've been busy. Yes busy.  After the camping trip, I've settled down to getting ready to move out and into storage, and onto adventures traveling.  I am excited and scared, too.  Everything always works out for the best for me and I trust it will continue.
A week ago I went to the Keystone Bluegrass Festival with Alicia and Satori.  We had a good day, listening to bluegrass, and having a beer or two.

 I loved listening to this band Dirty Chicken.  Reminded me of my Winfield Bluegrass days.

Now I'm in full fledged packing mode.  I've been collecting boxes, plus the ones I saved from moving into this house, and are making good headway.   I will rent a storage unit in a few weeks near Bailey, Pine Junction, or Conifer area.  Feels kinda like that movie, Eat Pray Love, where she puts all her most treasured belongings into a 12 foot box, and goes off to see the world.    I'm just going to go in my car and little camper back to Kansas, and to California this winter.

I bought one of those Thule cargo boxes for the top of my truck this week, and it's installed and ready to load.

Of course I did some more purging of stuff "crap" I don't need or use anymore. The thrift store in Fairplay received it this time.  

The Olympics started a week ago, and have been watching those all day and evenings, in between my other work.  It's been really good this time, especially since I'm home all the time and can see more of it. 

In 3 days, I'm going on a Casita Camper Rally over north of Leadville...meeting a bunch of people in their fiberglass campers like mine.  I'm looking forward to this trip, and meeting new people (like me).     2 nights at Camp Hale in the forest service campground.   I'm going to make a dutch oven Mississippi Mud dessert for the pot luck.  :)    Paddy and I will have fun and meet new people to boot.

I love living in this house and the beauty that surrounds it, I will miss it this place and how quiet and secluded it is. 

Life is Good, especially for me...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Walk in my yard the other day.....

Mornings are my favorite time of day here.  I usually take a walk out to my driveway every morning with Paddy, and the other day, I noticed new wild flowers.   A walk in my yard was called for...taking new pictures of the flowers in bloom right now.
Here's a look....enjoy....

 And more from the recent storm I watched to the east of here.