LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Wow, it's July 2012!  summer is going faster than any season here.  I'm enjoying the nice weather this summer....just warm enough in the at night.  We haven't had much rain, but feel lucky to be here not in the neighborhood of any of the terrible fires in Colorado.   
I went to Denver last Tuesday, had an incredible massage, gift from David and Holly for my Mother's Day.  As soon as I was done there....the Boulder fire had started, and Steve called from Boulder.   Him without a working car, and he was scared.  I would have been frightened, too.    Evacuation notices had gone out just a couple of blocks from his house.    I was at David and Holly's house, so I drove to Boulder, picked up Steve and some of his treasured things, and brought him back to David's.    We watched that evening as Colorado Springs fire engulfed the homes was a terrible just terrible thing to watch.  347 homes were destroyed as the news media filmed it live.   Colorado was on fire.   8 fires were burning across Colorado last week, and some are still not contained.
I am so grateful to be safe here.   I took Steve back to Boulder on Wednesday night since the fire wasn't threatening to burn into Boulder, thanks to the fire fighters and tankers and helicopters dropping water and retardant on the mountain just beyond the Flat could see flames and smoke up there. 
So I stayed an extra night, and came home on Thursday, after I did my grocery shopping and things I needed for company this week.   My Mom and Dad are coming to visit for a week or so.  My sister Pam is coming, too, on the bus!  We'll have a grand time together.
I've been getting my house ready the past week, and it looks pretty good.  :)  Even did some cleaning.  lol     Today I was cooking some things, potato salad, chicken salad, and cookies.  I cut a watermelon and ate some of it...good one.  We plan to make home-made ice cream on the 4th, just like the old days.
They are coming from hot weather, and are going to enjoy it here.  highs 70's, lows 40's.  PERFECT.
Chibi, Alicia's dog, is here visiting me, too.  He loves me just like my own dog Paddy.   They are a joy to have around.   good dogs....
I don't have any new pictures downloaded from my phone and camera lately.  I've been too busy to post here, but will try and do it more often.      Summer is a time when I'd rather be outside than in.    

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