LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fantastic visit with family

Last week my  Mom & Dad, and my sister Pam were here visiting.  We had so much fun together, fishing, taking day trips around this area, cooking and eating wonderful food together.   It's again quiet in my house. 
Fishing in the private stocked pond here was so much fun.  Pam and Dad went over there so many times, sometimes twice a day.  :)  They caught trout and some were very big!   Pam cleaned and fried them good.   They took several home, too, to enjoy at home.
We browsed and toured Fairplay one day, drove up Four Mile Creek Rd another day, drove up Weston Pass road, and panned for gold by Weston Pass Campground in the stream there.  Think we found some flecks, too.  :)   Mom, Pam, and I drove up Brown's Pass Road aways...turned around and came home.  :)
Pam rode the bus here from Kansas overnight!    Mom and I picked her up in Frisco the morning after Mom and Dad got here.   We stopped in Breckenridge at Daylight Donuts....a little quaint cafe, where we had huge cinnamon rolls and coffee....oh yum!  :) 
We drove over Hoosier Pass and stopped at the top on the way home.  Alicia and Satori visited twice and spent the night, too.   Of course all 3 of them went fishing as much as they could.    Alicia and Pam figured out what the trout liked to bite on....floating bait on a hook, with a sinker on the bottom.   They missed getting several onto the bank.
Mom, Satori, and I stayed home most of the time they went fishing....puttering here in the house, enjoying the beautiful weather I have here right now.    It rained...a blessing while they were here most afternoons, too.     I lit a fire in the wood stove a couple of evenings to get the chill off.    I really miss keeping that stove going like I did all winter.  :)  We roasted marshmallows and had s'mores.   yum
some pics:

outside Weston Pass Campround

  Pics are a little out of order, but you get the feeling how much fun we had!

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