LIfe is Good

LIfe is Good

Friday, June 1, 2012


oh my...where has the past couple of months gone?  Every month goes faster than the one before....getting older makes it speedier?   I am settled in at home's an adjustment after being away so long, and with friends and family around all the time, it's hard to be home alone again, but I will adjust again. 
I stayed at my parent's house, and enjoyed doing things with my Mom and Dad.  Lots of shopping with Mom and my sisters.   Fishing with my Dad and sister on Tuttle Creek Reservoir, where we set a trot line in a cove, and ran it twice before bringing it in.  Caught 4 big channel catfish.  Dad cleaned them and filleted them all, so I could bring home a few more packages to eat and share with my kids.
oh guess I'd better tell the dumb thing I did the day after I got there.   Mom and Dad have a queen bed that sits high from the floor, so I have to have a step to get up on it.  I put the little wooden step from when I was a kid by the bed.   First thing when I went back in there, I stubbed my right little toe to kingdom come!   Hurt like Heck, and swelled up right away.   I'm still wearing a wrap on it to keep it close to my other it's either fractured or broken. No sense going to the Dr....same treatment that I'm doing.  It's been 2 weeks today, and it still hurts, so I have to keep it wrapped and wear a shoe to support it.   
I was busy the whole time I was there, from shopping to eating out to going to Mom's big garden to water, more shopping, and the fishing.  Dad kept Paddy most of the time we were out.  He loves Paddy and they had a good time together.  Paddy loves Mom, too, getting on their laps each morning.  :)
It's a long drive...8-9 hours, and just me to do the driving.   I stopped often to rest my back and get gas.    Wheat fields there are almost ready to May!   so early this year, and they haven't had any rain, so dry there. 

Our ride on Dad's pontoon to go set the lines.

Mom has a garden in the city community garden, and it's filled with vegetables.  The lot is free with free water.  She loves to garden!

We attended my nephew Andrew's High School graduation and his party in their backyard.  Denise and Ed had friends over to celebrate with hamburgers, chips, fruit, and a big cake.  

We went to Council Grove to meet my sister Pam for lunch after she finished her last day of teaching.   She was so relieved to get this year overwith. We went to her house outside of Wilsey for the afternoon...sitting on her big porch sipping on tea and lemonade.    We also went to the Wilsey cemetery to decorate graves.   There we saw my Dad's sisters' Velma and Geneva.  It was good to see them again.  

More pics of the lake

Graduation Party. Dad sitting.

My hand holding one of the channel cat fish.

This is Andrew and Mom sitting on Pam's porch.

And of course my traveling companion and my buddy Paddy.

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